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G’day Remote Affiliates!

My name is Dave and I am the bloke who started this website.

I am an affiliate marketer who loves the wide-open spaces and working remotely online to create wealth. I believe anyone should be able to create wealth online and your location should not be a restriction. Outback or city, your location should not hold you back.Bloody Telstra

The GOAL of OZ Affiliate

On this website, I will be reviewing various Fair Dinkum ways that you can Make Money Online. I will show you the good and the bad and give you my opinion on what works and what doesn’t. I mainly do affiliate marketing but I also trade cryptocurrency online. We are all different and what works for some may not work for others so I will try and give you a good variety so you can decide what will work for you.

My goal with this website is to show everybody no matter where you live or what location you pull up stumps at, you can find a way to create wealth online, even if bloody Telstra won’t give you a connection. I use satellite, F#$@ Telstra. I truly believe every bloke and Shiela should be able to have a Fair Crack at creating wealth online so in the true Ozzie spirit I am here to help you have your Fair Go.

Why I Want TO HELP People

Because I believe in helping my mates so if you are Fair Dinkum and want to have a crack at MMO I will help you out in true Ozzie spirit. I also believe in the power of a like-minded community so if we can create this at OZ Affiliate and all help each other to MMO that is a win for me.

I have had many challenges trying to create wealth online, not only as an affiliate marketer but just trying to get online has been a challenge at times. It should not be a hassle no matter where you want to pull up camp. As technology develops we are overcoming a lot of these challenges, that enables us to create wealth online from anywhere regardless of your location. If you can get online and have the know-how you can make money.

If you or a mate ever need a hand or have any questions for a bloke, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to get back to ya and help a mate out!



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  1. Hi Dave, my name is Cindy and I am from Sydney Australia. I would like to ask more info about Cake. I am interested to put $$ into Cake but I am looking for an upline who can guide me and advise me what to do. If you can drop me an email, we can chat via mobile or telegram. Thanks for your time. Regards, Cindy

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