Affiliate Marketing training Videos

Affiliate Marketing Training Videos

Video is a great way to deliver training after all a picture says a thousand words. Today, I will show you how you can access some of the best Affiliate Marketing Training Videos for Free.

If delivered the right way, video is an excellent option for teaching. Training videos shown in small 5-20 min blocks are ideal for learning; it keeps people engaged. It works well to use short educational video that builds on each other, like a video series.

Wealthy Affiliate has 1000’s hours of affiliate marketing training videos available with a premium membership. They cover every topic you could ever need as an affiliate marketer, some of these are available for free. Today I will show you how you can access these free videos.

Free vs Paid Training Videos

You can’t expect to become an expert watching a free video. If you are serious about becoming an affiliate marketer you will want to spend some money on education & tools you will only get so far for free. Having said that some of the free training available is a good place to start.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or want to get your head around affiliate marketing and see if it is something you might want to pursue some of the free training available could be a good place to start. A good way to test a program or platform is with a free trial, you know try before you buy.

If you do a Google search for free affiliate marketing training videos, you will likely come across Udemey. They do offer some free material like this ===> FREE Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners.

Udemey vs WA Free Starter Account

The FREE Affiliate Marketing Course for beginners at Udemey is 2hr 18min of on-demand video Created by Tyler Stokes.

The course is aimed at beginners looking to get started.
The 5 Step Blueprint is referenced throughout this course. You can sign up to request a free download which you can use to follow along with the video lectures.

Although this is a reasonable course covering the basics, you will be left wanting more if you are Fair Dinkum about affiliate marketing. You will also need to build a website and host it and need some research tools for finding keywords. With the Tyler Stokes course, you get the video content & the free 5 step blueprint download, that is all.

I think a Free Starter Account at Wealthy Affiliate is a better option because you get much more than just video content.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will not only get the necessary training but will have access to a free keyword search tool, and you will get to build a free website and host it for free. You will also get live 24/7 help & get to network with experts for the first 7 days. Wealthy Affiliate also has its own affiliate program so you can earn while you learn.

So you not only get the lessons with video walkthroughs but access to all the expert help and tools you will need for affiliate marketing. This is why I think Wealthy Affiliate is a better option. If you want to get serious about being an affiliate marketer, you can upgrade for $49 a month and get access to heaps more benefits.

Check out the table below to see what you get with a FREE Starter Account vs the Premium option.


W.A.Examples of Training Videos

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is amazing. You can find a video on just about anything you need relative to affiliate marketing. Apart from the structured training courses (they have two), there is also a Training HQ with heaps of various video training and tutorials.

Classrooms like “Everything WordPress” have 90 videos, or “Keyword, Niche and Market Research” with 14 videos and 45 tutorials. These are just a few, and they have every subject covered.

These are just a few samples from the 1000’s available.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

The Online Entrepreneur Certification training is a 5 phase (50 Lesson) series of courses with written tutorials and video lessons walking through creating and growing an online business in any niche market you choose.

There is 10 Lesson in each phase. Each lesson is then broken down into a set of tasks that cover specific topics. The beauty here is that you can go back and do each task until you are 100% confident. If you complete a task and are still unsure you can ask the community, and you will get several responses, so there really are no excuses for getting stuck.

Examples of OEC Training – Click the Links to check out the training.

Apart from this course, Wealthy Affiliate also has the Affiliate Bootcamp. This includes 70 lessons with Affiliate Marketing Training Videos & tutorials. This course is designed to promote the Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate program.

Examples of Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Click the Links to watch


When it comes to Affiliate Marketing Training Videos Wealthy Affiliate has you covered. Not only do they have the videos and tutorials, but they have the tools and expert help as well to help you succeed.

The best bit is you can start with your free starter account.

With your free starter account, you can check out Wealthy Affiliate and decide for yourself if it is worth upgrading to a Premium account. If you are serious about affiliate marketing, the choice is simple.

Anyway, check out the links above to see what the Affiliate Marketing Training Videos are all about at Wealthy Affiliate or if you are keen to start straight away click on the banner and open your free account.

If you want to start making money online, get your free starter account to have access to affiliate marketing training videos and much more.

Click the banner and start today.

Good on ya, Mate!

OZ Dave

4 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Training Videos”

  1. Dave you did A great job putting this together.  WA is an awesome training.  I started with Wealthy Affiliate about 6 months ago.  To be honest with you progress is slow, but there is a lot to be learn.  

    The community is awesome.   Many of the members are just so eager to help you and share with you their experiences, it is just fantastic.

    This just another great post About WA, job well done Dave.


    1. Hi Nicole,

      There is a lot to learn at WA, and it is usually around the 6-month mark when you start to see a bit of progress if you have been regularly writing quality content.

      The community is awesome at WA; they will help you with any stumbling blocks along the way.

      All the best & glad you found WA.

      OZ Dave

  2. I agree, I am the same way that I tend to learn better and have a better understanding when it is in form of a video. Thank you so much for sharing about Wealthy Affiliate and it is awesome that they are sharing the training video for free. Now that you mentioned Udemy, have you heard of Courseera before? Anyways, I am going to sign up with WA and take it from there. What is there to lose? It is free 🙂 

    1. I have heard of Coursera but don’t know anything about them, just that they are similar to Udemey. For a beginner, I don’t reckon you can go past Wealthy Affiliate. Start with the free account and then go premium. You will not get as much bang for your buck anywhere.

      Good on ya, Mate!

      OZ Dave

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