Best Online Affiliate Programs

Best Online Affiliate Programs

What are the best online affiliate programs? The highest paying ones would be the obvious answer, but that is only one factor that makes for a good affiliate program.

It takes more than high commissions to be the best. There are a few other things to be considered. Today we will look at exactly what it takes to be considered one of the best online affiliate programs.

Pennies OR Dollar$

Any affiliate wants to make money and the more, the better, after all, that is why you became an affiliate marketer. The bonus is you can choose the niche you want. You should have good knowledge of the products within your niche.

Within any one niche, there are potentially 1000’s of affiliate products that you can promote. You can promote books on your niche from Amazon and earn a small commission. There could be a high-ticket item at the other end of the scales that you could promote and earn $1000’s on one sale.

Of course, you can promote more than one product but consider, if you make $2 on a book sale and $1000 per high-ticket item you need to sell 500 books to make the same dollar value as 1 sale on your high-ticket item. That is a lot more traffic. So the commissions you receive per sale & the dollar amount needs to be considered.

But there is more to it than high commissions & high-ticket items. There are a few other things to consider.

What Else Matters?

Firstly, the product you are promoting should be something that you believe in and know. It is much easier to sell something that you believe in. There is an exception to this rule, and that is if you are doing reviews.

Suppose you are reviewing products, even if you give something a bad review, but it has an affiliate program use an affiliate link in your review. You will still get some people that will buy through your link on a bad or negative review. People will make their own minds about a product, and you don’t want to miss out on a potential sale.

Promotional Material

Some affiliate programs have great material for marketing & some only have an affiliate link. Links are fine to use but if you

have an affiliate website and can put some marketing banners with your affiliate links embedded you have a better chance of converting.

Some of the best online affiliate programs will have a selection of marketing material for you to use to promote their business. The good ones will have a variety of material that will appeal to various audiences. Banners in various sizes are common, and sometimes even GIF’s so you see an animated banner.

A business with a good affiliate program will help its affiliates; after all, it is in their best interest to help them make more sales. Just be sure and read all the fine print when you join an affiliate program. They often have strict guidelines as to how you can use their material to promote their business. If you break the rules, you will NOT get the affiliate commission on the sale.

Tracking Cookies

One of the essential elements of affiliate marketing is tracking. Tracking software places a cookie on a user’s browser when that user clicks on an affiliate link. If the user then makes a purchase, the affiliate is awarded the commission on that sale.

CookiesThere is another important factor to consider here. The merchant determines the cookie period. 30 days for cookies is considered normal. That means that once someone has clicked your affiliate links, they need to purchase within 30 days. If a sale is made after the cookie period, you will NOT receive the commission on a sale.

If you can not find the cookie period of an affiliate program you should ask, some are only 7 days. The best online affiliate programs do not have a cookie period; they last a lifetime.

Traffic Matters – Conversion Rates

Another consideration if you want to market successfully and make sales is how you will market an item or product.

The last thing you want to do is try and force a sale. People will see right through you if you are pressuring them to make a sale. If you can help people and solve their problems, they will trust you and be more likely to buy. So don’t just SPAM people.Spam

You can put your affiliate link in front of 1000’s of people, but you will not convert and make sales if it is not relevant or helpful to them. On the other hand, if you are smart and target your audience with the relevant information, you are priming them to buy. You will have an audience of people that are hungry and ready to purchase from you if you help them first.

At the end of the day more traffic = more sales, but if you have qualified traffic, you will convert at an even higher rate. An ideal way to do this is to create a website and start writing content around a specific niche market. A website is an excellent way to promote affiliate programs.

Introducing Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform designed to help affiliate marketers. They will help you build a website, host it and train you to be a successful affiliate. They have been helping affiliate online for over 15 years, and they have one of the Best Online Affiliate Programs. 

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Wealthy Affiliate will train you how to be an affiliate in any niche market you choose, or you can promote Wealthy Affiliate in the MMO niche. They have a special Bootcamp to teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and their cookies last a lifetime. You can even earn commissions with the free starter account although you will earn double the commission if you go premium.

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If you are Fair Dinkum about affiliate marketing, you should get your free starter account at Wealthy Affiliate because they have one of the Best Online Affiliate Programs. Not only that but they will teach you how to build a website, host it for you and train you on the best way to promote their business; it is a win-win.

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Thanks for reading, Mate!

OZ Dave

4 thoughts on “Best Online Affiliate Programs”

  1. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best affiliate programs available today. I did not realise that some affiliate programs will have lifetime tracking cookies. Wow, that is awesome and something that I will look out for. 

    I agree that people are more likely to click on a banner where there is an interesting image or message, than just a random link. Great post on best affiliate programs. 

    1. Thanks for the kind words. 

      Wealthy affiliate is the only one I know of with lifetime cookies; most are just 30 days. 

      It is always better looking at some good pictures as opposed to reading about it, I reckon. Good promo material works, and a good company knows that and looks after their affiliates.

      All the best, Mate!

      OZ Dave

  2. Promoting products sounds like an interesting way to build a business online for those of us who have already done this offline. We should know the product well. And feel happy about its quality in order to be at peace when recommending it to others. The online world is similar to the offline in this sense.

    1. Hi Paolo, Yes, there are a lot of similarities in the real world and online. The big advantage online is that you can have a worldwide audience, and unless you are selling your own physical product, you don’t need to hold any stock and worry about deliveries.

      All the best, Mate!

      OZ Dave

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