FREE Traffic for a website

FREE Traffic for a Website

So you want to get FREE traffic for a website. Nothing beats FREE organic traffic and yes it is possible, you don’t need to pay for traffic. To get FREE organic traffic flooding to your website requires you to do things a certain way.

If you have been trying to get traffic to your website, you should already know about SEO & Keywords. I have a free tool that helps me with SEO and a free keyword strategy to improve your SEO.

Why Does SEO Matter

Search Engine Optimization is the trick to getting more traffic. It matters because SEO will help your site or page rank higher in the search engine. Higher ranks = more traffic = more sales, that is why it matters. Ultimately you want your content to rank on the first page of a Google search and even better the 1st position on the 1st page.

SEOIf you want to get the traffic, you need to know about SEO and be aware of what you can do to improve your SEO. It can be hard to tell what Google want sometimes, and they always seem to be changing their algorithms, but that doesn’t really matter if you do things the right way.

SEO matters because to get Free Organic traffic, you need to rank high to get the visitors or traffic to your site; it is as simple as that. If you are not getting seen, you will not get visitors. I use a keyword strategy to get my content ranked in Google but getting ranked well in the search engines’ eyes also requires you to create your content a certain way.

Creating Content the Right WayContent is King

Having a keyword strategy is one thing, but you need to structure your content in a certain way if you want to rank highly. You can’t just throw in a keyword and write a short sales pitch and expect to get ranked highly. You need to structure your content the right way.

I usually write a minimum of 1000 words but often more. I break this down with at least 5 headings. For good SEO, you want to have an internal link and an external link in your content. I also like to add a video somewhere in there as well. You need to have a good title with your keywords included.

Keywords? Where & How?

I like to use my keywords in the title, in the opening paragraph and again in the closing. I sometimes use the keywords again in the content, but really you don’t need to be careful not to stuff the content with keywords, Google does not like that. If you want to know more about Keywords, read my post What’s Keyword Research About

You want to provide quality, relevant content to your audience. Do some research on your competitors and see what their content looks like. You want to provide better quality content than your competitors if you want to outrank them. A tool that I use for keyword research is Jaaxy. You can try Jaaxy for Free below. It is a great tool that I could not do without.

Finding the right keywords will help with your SEO greatly.

Quality Content is King

To rank well in the eyes of the search engines, you HAVE TO provide quality content. If you research your competitors (which you should be) and are writing 2500 word posts with videos and all the bells & whistles, don’t expect to outrank them with a few hundred-word post. It would be best if you did better than your competition.

Google algorithms have changed a lot over the years. Today they are looking for quality, relevant, original content. The reason I want traffic is to generate more sales, More Traffic = More Sales. You need to give the customer a good user experience if you want them to buy from you.

Providing original, relevant, quality content shows Google that you are an authority in your field, leading to better rankings. Now just because you have written a few good posts does not make you an authority in the eyes of Google, it will take time. Usually, around 6 months before Google will start to notice you. It would be best if you were writing at least 3 posts a week every week.

Keyword Strategies

If you target popular keywords, you will have a lot of competition, and it will be much harder to get ranked highly with these keywords. I target keywords that are easier to rank for, and I do this in volume, let me give you an example.

Let’s say they keywords I target only get 50 visitors a month if I rank on the 1st page, but I write 3 posts a week. That is 12 posts a month. 12 x 50 = 600, if you can do that for 6 months, you could have 3,600 potential visitors.

I target these Low Hanging Fruit keywords because they are much easier to rank well with. To get a better understanding, click the link, it explains this strategy in detail. Essentially a low hanging fruit keyword is a low competition keyword. The idea behind this approach is to get rankings, in volume, and to do so with much more ease than trying to go after more competitive terms.

Wealthy Affiliate

You could spend a lot of time researching SEO & keywords and even how to write quality content to improve your traffic flow, but I have an easier way. The Wealthy Affiliate way. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that will give you everything you need to get Free traffic for a website.

Wealthy Affiliate is a completed package. They provide a web builder & hosting, SEO & keyword tools, training & support. They have it all covered, and the best bit is you can check it all out with a FREE Starter Account. Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 15 years helping people succeed with their online businesses, so if you want ALL the info & tools in one place for success, start your free account today.

What I reckon

If you are Fair Dinkum about getting Free traffic for a website you need help and tools to do so, Wealthy Affiliate can do this for you. They will provide you with the tools & blueprint that you need to get that traffic. It requires work to get free organic traffic; it is not hard if you have a plan to follow but does require you to put in the effort.

Stop looking for that magic solution to get traffic and get on board with a proven way @ Wealthy Affiliate. Well…what are you waiting for go and get it!

Good on ya, mate!

OZ Dave

4 thoughts on “FREE Traffic for a Website”

  1. This is great info for FREE traffic for a website.  I’ve been wondering how this works so I’m glad you explain it here.  There are so many confusing websites but yours is easy to understand and not overwhelming.  Do you know how long it takes for a website to be successful?  Thanks!

    1. That really is how longs a piece of string question. Success depends on a lot of variables however if you are doing things the right way you should get some traction around the 6-month mark.

      Good to see you enjoyed the post.

      OZ Dave

  2. Thanks Dave, for setting out these tips. I have been working on starting up my online business and have heard these words passed around ‘SEO’ ‘keywords’ ‘ranking’ etc. I have been satisfied with a vague understanding of what these are but in this article you have provided some valuable detail that I can use. I never thought of writing 1000 words, but now that you have given me a number to work with, I will try to do this. I have been writing only about 500-600. I am grateful.

    1. Hi JJ, have a look at what your competitors are writing if they are writing 1500 words you need to be as well, but I would suggest 1000 min. It will help with SEO.

      OZ Dave

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