Google and Keywords

How to use Google and Keywords

In today’s post, we will look at Google and Keywords and see how you can use them both to your advantage to gain extra traffic to your site.

The keyword strategies that I use consistently work to get 100% Free Organic Traffic and continue working. We all want more traffic, and you want to be seen. Well, with the help of Google and Keywords positioned in the right places in your content, I will show you what you can do to increase traffic to your site.

Let’s have a look and see how to google and search for keywords.

Keywords & TechniquesKeyword

The correct keywords can make a massive difference in the amount of traffic you get to your site.

One thing that you want to avoid these days is keyword stuffing. You want to use your keywords in your title, in the opening paragraph, once or twice in the content and again in the closing paragraph. That is it, NO more.

Selecting the right keywords can make all the difference, and you can use google to help you find keywords. There are a few basic steps involved here they are:

  1. The first step is to pick a topic to write your post or content on that should be based around your niche.
  2. Start searching for Keywords to use (we will use Google to help us)
  3. Use a keyword tool to get some statistics.
  4. Write your content using your Keyword.

If you would like to learn more about Keywords, read my post What’s Keyword Research About

The Low Hanging Fruit Strategy

I use a certain strategy for my keywords, and it is not finding the most popular keywords.

If you target popular keywords, you will have a lot of competition, and it will be much harder to get ranked highly with these keywords. I target keywords that are easier to rank for, and I do this in volume, let me give you an example.

Low hanging fruitThe keywords I target only get 50 visitors a month if I rank on the 1st page, but I write 3 posts a week. That is 12 posts a month. 12 x 50 = 600. If you can do that for 6 months, you could have 3,600 potential visitors.

I target these Low Hanging Fruit keywords because they are much easier to rank well with. To get a better understanding, click the link; it explains this strategy in detail. Essentially a low hanging fruit keyword is a low competition keyword. The idea behind this approach is to get rankings in volume and to do so with much more ease than trying to go after more competitive terms.

Now we will run our keywords through a keyword tool and get some data on our keywords to make sure we are picking the Low Hanging Fruit.

Alphabet Soup Technique – Using Google Instant to Find Keywords

Looking to find endless amounts of keywords? Introducing the Alphabet Soup Technique. In this training, I will show you how you can use a free Google Search within any niche to find an unlimited number of highly sought after keywords.

Before we run our keywords through our keyword tool to get some stats, we need to list potential keywords to use. We are going to use Google Instant to help us generate a list. I could explain it in words, but the video below does a much better job explaining the Alphabet Soup technique, so please click the image below to watch.

So now you know how to use Google to help you find keywords. The next step is to select the correct keyword to gain maximum traffic. Let’s have a look and some keyword tools, and I will show you how to find the Low Hanging Fruit.

Keyword Tools

To find this Low Hanging Fruit, I use the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

There are many out there, but Jaxxy comes free with a Wealthy Affiliate membership and works great for me. Just click on the banner to try Jaaxy.

We use keyword tools to get some statistics about a certain keyword. It will tell us how many searches are done a month for a certain keyword and how much competition it has.

It is also a good idea to check out your competition on a certain keyword. See who is ranking high for the keyword, so you know what you need to beat. You will need better content to rank higher.

It is hard to beat authority sites on a competitive keyword, but it is easy to get ranked on the first page with low hanging fruit.

Your keywords should also make sense in a sentence, don’t use keywords that make no sense. The keywords for this post are “Google and Keywords“. See what I did there? I slipped my keywords in. I have used them in the title and a couple of more times, and that is it.

Google and Keywords – Example

When I put my keywords into Jaaxy, I discovered that I should get around 1081 visitors a month if I achieve a page 1 ranking in the search engines.

QSR of 79 means that 79 other competing websites are ranked in Google for the same keyword.

You want the QSR score to be under 100 and the Traffic to be as high as possible.

You can see the 2nd one on the list, “google keyword trends”, has a QSR of 200. That means you are competing with 200 other sites for that keyword; that is too many.

The 3rd example, “google and seo keywords”, has a lot less traffic, QSR is 100, and the SEO score is 94. This is good. SEO is rated 1-100. The higher, the better. This keyword would be OK to use but has a lot less traffic than the 1st option.

Now you know how to google and search for keywords, and you know how to pick the low hanging fruit you need to get writing.

Final Thoughts on Google and Keywords

Using Google and keywords to build your list and then narrow it down with a good keyword research tool works for getting traffic. With a new website, it can take around 6 months to get any traction and gain some authority with Google. You must write content regularly for this method to work.

If you write quality content regularly with good keywords, you will get free traffic to your site. It is not hard but does require you to put in the work. I have had page 1 ranking in under 6 months from a new website, and all for free.

If you would like to learn more about Google and keywords, SEO, writing quality content, and everything associated with affiliate marketing, you should sign up for a Free Starter Account at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will get access to the Jaaxy Keyword Tool with a free starter account. You can also build a website and host it for free. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn about Google and Keywords and how to make money online with an affiliate website.

What are you waiting for? Go and get your Free Starter Account Today?

Good on ya, Mate!

OZ Dave

4 thoughts on “How to use Google and Keywords”

  1. Hi Dave. I have been hearing the terms “keyword”, “Low Hanging Fruit” and “Alphabet Soup Technique”. But it wasn’t until I read your explanation here in this post that Icompleelly understood it. Thank you very much for explaining it to non-techies.

    From here on I’ll focus on Low Hanging Fruit keywords.

  2. Hello there! This is an informative article! Ever since I started my own blogging site, I have been using the low hanging fruit keyword strategy. At first I didn’t get indexed but it was mostly because my website was new. Now that it has been out for a couple months, I am definitely getting google indexed emails more often and it brings me joy each time. Jaaxy has been super helpful to me on this journey. I didn’t know about looking at traffic though, I’ve been just looking at the QSR number. Thanks for creating this training!

    1. Hi Mike, You want to get as much traffic as possible, so ultimately, you want as high a traffic number as you can with a low as possible QSR.

      Suppose QSR scores are similar select the keyword with the higher traffic. It also pays to check out your competition to see who you are competing against.

      Good on ya, Mate!

      OZ Dave

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