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How To Build a Website with WordPress

So you want to know how to build a website with WordPress but don’t know where to start. You have probably heard that learning to build a WordPress site can be hard, and it can be if you don’t have the right help.

Today I will show you how you can build a WordPress site from scratch, publish it in less than 30sec and host it for FREE. WordPress is very popular, and about 1/4 of all websites are WordPress sites, but you DO NOT have to pay someone to build you a quality site.

I have found a way for you to learn all about WordPress to build & manage your own site. Learning WordPress can be difficult, but with the right tools and some expert help, it does not have to be hard to get great results. Let’s dive straight in and let me show you how to build a website with WordPress for Free.

The Wealthy Affiliate Way.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that has Absolutely everything you need to create and grow a successful business online. It does not matter if you are a complete Noob or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you!

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn how to build a website with WordPress for free. You can choose a free domain and host your WordPress site all for free. If you have any problems with your website, you can ask the WA community or get 24/7 support for your website.

Wealthy Affiliate has a website builder and training to get your WordPress website up and running in no time. Now don’t get me wrong it takes time to build out a good website & get some traffic to your site, and Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to do this successfully.

You can read my review on Wealthy Affiliate from the link below

===>>How to Work at Home with a Computer<<===

Do I Really Need to Pay for a Premium Membership?

If you are Fair Dinkum about making some money online, I would recommend you upgrade from the Free Starter Account to a Premium account for $49 a month. Yes, you can start for Free but will get a lot more value out of a premium account.

With a Free Starter Account, your help & support 24/7 will be limited to the first 7 days. If you go premium, you will have access to many more tools & benefits to help you with your website. For a start, you will get access to ALL the website themes with a premium account.

You will be limited on a free account. The big benefit of going premium is that you have access to a community of experts. If you need help with a certain aspect of your website, you can ask the community and receive expert help from someone who has the real-world experience.

Sure you can get a free domain, build a free site and even host it for free at WA but there are massive advantages if you go premium.

Let me show you.

Have a look at the table below to see what you get with a

Free Starter Account vs Premium Account.

So you can see all the advantages to go premium. Wealthy Affiliate really does have it all covered if you want to know How To Build a Website with WordPress. But there is much more than just building a site, let’s see what else they offer.

Domains & Hosting, the 1st Steps.

You will need to choose a domain & host your website for your WordPress website. Sure you can do all this yourself, but Wealthy Affiliate has this part covered as well.

If you want to host your own domain, you will need a premium account. Otherwise, you will need to choose a free (.siterubix.com) domain on a free account.

You choose an option for your domain, next you choose a theme (limited on a free account) and a title and hit the build button. Once you hit the build button, you will have a WordPress website published in about 30sec.

Plugins for your WordPress Website.

So you have a published website but it will not be how you want it and will not have content on it, this is where the work starts. You have to build the site out, but first, you will need to activate some critical plugins.

Plugins are feature extensions of your website that can allow you to extend your website’s functionality simply by “plugging them in”, in other words installing and activating them. In fact, as a Premium member here at Wealthy Affiliate, there are over 45,000 different plugins that you can leverage on your website.

If you are still unsure about WA, watch this training video on ==> Understanding & Activating Plugins. This will give an idea of the training you will receive at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate will provide SEO & Image Optimizer plugins as standard. They come with your membership. You can install and activate whatever you want after that if you are unsure about a particular plugin, ask the community they will let you know what it does and if it is any good.

Content & Building Out your Site.

They also provide all the training on every aspect of managing & building out your site. If you want to change headers, menus etc… search the training or ask the community they will help, that it one of the best things about WA.

Although Wealthy Affiliate is predominately targeted at affiliate marketing, they have experts in the community in all areas. They have people who specialise in Facebook marketing, Pinterest Marketing, making a video for youtube etc… They will show you how to write content for your website the right way.

The WA writing platform has templates preloaded for stuff like affiliate disclosures, privacy policy, about me page etc… You can create content inside the WA writing platform before you publish it to your website. Once you have published you can go and edit it in WordPress. The community will help you if you have any trouble here also.

WA has it all covered and will show you not only how to build a website with WordPress but will help you manage it 100% as well.

Website Analytics.

Once you have your WordPress website published and have built it out with some content, you will want to start gathering analytics for your website. Once again, this is not hard with the right help, and WA has this covered also.

If you want to make some money online, you will need to know about Google Analytics, install it, interpret it, etc… Wealthy Affiliate has all the training on this, so you don’t need to struggle with setting it up. It is an important part of running a successful website, but you need to build out your site first and have some visitors to collect some data.

My Final Thoughts.

These days you don’t need to know HTML code or anything to build a website. WordPress can be frustrating & daunting if you tackle it yourself, but it does not have to be. Wealthy Affiliate will help you, so you don’t need to know How to Build a Website with WordPress all by yourself or even pay someone to do it for you.

Honestly, if you want to know how to build a website with WordPress, you will not find an easier way than Wealthy Affiliate. They have everything covered 1000’s of hours of training, support and help. All you need to do now to get started is click the banner and start building your WordPress website, well what are you waiting for? CLICK the BANNER

The Easiest Way to Build a WordPress Website.

Thanks for reading, Mate!

OZ Dave

4 thoughts on “How To Build a Website with WordPress”

  1. Hi Dave. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with affiliate marketing and posts like this are extremely helpful. I read before about wordpress, and opinions were mostly positive. I believe it’s a great starting point to build your site and online business. Also I couldn’t agree more that wealthy affiliate is perfect place for a beginners, with their online courses everything goes easier and faster.

  2. This is great article for people who don”t know where to start when they want to make webisite. Just as you said, you want to start on the right way and you provide great advices and explanations. I agree aboou WA, it is definitely best platform and you can do much more things for free than on others and you have help on each step. Article is very detailed and helpful, great work. 

    1. Yes, you can get a lot of value for free at WA. It is a great place to start. They make it very easy to learn. If you are Fair Dinkum, a premium account is the way to go.

      OZ DAve

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