How to Create a Website Business

How to Create a Website Business

What if I said I could show how to get a Free domain and create your very own website all in the blink of an eye, well stick around, and I will show you How to Create a Website Business.

No, Fair Dinkum it takes about 30 seconds to create a website these days, now, of course, it’s gonna take you a bit longer to pimp it out and put all those bells & whistles on there but like I said hang around, and I will show you how easy it can be.

No, you will not have to learn all that HTML code stuff, if you can find your way around a keyboard and click a few buttons you’ll be right mate, you will have your own website up and running in no time. I know a way that makes it so simple that even a Galah could do it standing on his head.

How to Create a Website Easily

I know you still don’t really believe me on how easy this can be so I’ll show ya if you want to jump straight in use the form below.

If you are serious about making a quid on the net, I suggest you do it the way I describe below OK mate.

We want to start by setting up our Free account with Wealthy Affiliate. This will make it so easy it’s not funny. Once you do this, all you really need to do is follow the on-screen prompts, and you will have a website up and running in no time, by signing up you will also get access to a heap of Free training and other useful stuff. Have a poke around in there for a while and If you like it and want to get access to even more really cool stuff you can go premium and pay a monthly fee, but no pressure you don’t have to you can do it all for free.

All you have to do to start your Free Wealthy Affiliate account is click the image below, Don’t Worry It’s FREE.

This will take you to the page to sign up for a FREE Wealthy Affiliate account, enter your details as required (No Credit Card needed) it is Free.

Signing up for your Free Account

Once you have done that you can log in to your new WA account, it will look like this.

I suggest you follow the Get Started Here button and follow along, they will just ask you to do a few basic things like uploading an image etc… and you can start the training if you like. Still, if you want to get cracking on your site click the Websites link on the left it’s the one under training or the little pencil at the top of your screen.

It will take you to a screen like the one below you will only have the Free Domain option as a Free member, click this and type the domain name you want for your site – your domain name is your website address if you’re not sure. I won’t go into domain names here, but you can basically choose whatever you want as long as it is not already taken, don’t worry, it will let you know if it is.

You will have to choose a theme for your new website, and there are a thousand to choose from once again you can change this later so pick the one you think looks good for now.



Alright, we are nearly ready once you choose your theme you will get a screen that looks like this.

OK now hang on and hit the Build my Website button.

How to Create a Website Business

I truly believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best hands down, you can read about them here ==>> Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Well if you have followed my advice and got yourself a Free WA account, it’s all easy from here.

Anyway, how to create a website business – Easy follow the training, No really they have got everything you need there to start a successful web business. They have been around for about 15 years doing this stuff, so they know what you need and more importantly what you don’t need, that can save you a heap of money because you don’t need to spend your coin on stuff you don’t need or doesn’t work right, they update their info all the time, so you know you got the latest stuff that works.

Fair Dinkum that’s it, follow what they say, to break it down there are 4 steps from here.

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build the website – which we have already covered
  3. Get some visitors
  4. Generate the cash

They will show you how to do all this and if you are not sure they have the best customer support I have come across 24/7, and they also have a community full of people that will help a mate out to, ask ’em.

What Next?

If you want to get serious, you will want to go Premium have a look below and compare the Free version to the premium, what they offer for $49 a month is unbelievable. Check it out!

So as you can see if you are serious this is a NO Brainer – No other program will give you that value for your money, they are fair dinkum good fellas.

My Secret

I’ll let ya in on a little secret here, guess what, I use Wealthy Affiliate, how do you think I run this website, yep that’s right I use WA because they are the best at what they do.

Now you can put as much or as little work as you want into this How to Create a Website Business stuff, but you know how it goes the more you put in, the more you get out, but seriously Wealthy Affiliate are a must-have addition to your toolbox of tricks.

What do I Reckon

I reckon if you are serious about How to Create a Website Business, you can not go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate, you have got nothing to lose because you can start for FREE, no obligations, then if you decide it’s not for you, hey pull the pin and walk away, but if you’re keen at giving this web business stuff a go do yourself a favour and get a Free WA account.

I give them TWO BIG Thumbs UP because they really can help you.


If you still sitting on the fence and want to have a yarn about this web business stuff drop ya questions in the box below and I will get back to ya with my story.

Give it a Go

OZ Affiliate

24 thoughts on “How to Create a Website Business”

  1. It’s very essential for online users to know how to make money from the time they spend online, there are lots of online businesses that people can choose from and make money. Building a website is something that can be very lucrative and it can be used for several things, these tips that you’ve shared are very resourceful, they’ll be of helpful.

    1. Yes that is why I love the idea of affiliate marketing you can turn your passion into a business with WA very easily.

      Catch ya later mate.

      OZ Dave

  2. Thank you very much for explaining about creating a website for business purposes. I’m still a newbie in the making money online business. When I heard that we need a website, I’m scared because I really don’t understand coding and IT stuffs. I’m glad that technology nowadays is advance that we can build it in mere minutes. I’ll try it as soon as possible. Thanks

    1. It really does only take seconds these days to make a website and yes technology is great, it means I can run my business from anywhere, even when I go out bush. If you need any help or have any questions about starting your business just ask OK mate.

      OZ Dave

  3. Hey 

    Thanks for this article and for the reminder that Wealthy Affiliate is the best. I stumbled on a youtube video about Wealthy Affiliate months ago and I I am forever grateful that I gave it a chance.. It was amazing how one can setup a website in seconds.. I have grown and learned a lot since .

  4. In our world today majority of people who are working, are tired of their jobs and have cruel bosses who even makes it worse, many of them are depressed at their jobs but they can’t stop because they have to pay the bills, but it is also very saddening that many of them are not aware of online opportunities like these that can make them financially stable while working from home and being your own boss. Thanks for sharing this article. Wealthy affiliate is really a place to be 

    1. For sure mate you can become a Wealth Affiliate and tell the boss where to go….Ha Ha. Then have the freedom to work on what you enjoy, good on ya digger, all the best mate.

      See ya round

      OZ Dave

  5. Technology keeps moving ahead of us. Now you can build a website in a matter of seconds. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to build a free website with a free account. No payment 100%. The platform is easy to use and understand. You can have your website setup in no time at all. 

    1. Yep, ya can set a site up quicker than two shakes of a lambs tail, fair dinkum and all for free I reckon WA are top blokes for giving us this opportunity.

      All the Best Mate!

      OZ Dave 

  6. Wow, I really found this helpful and I think that many people out there needs to see that there are numerous opportunities on the internet and they don’t need to work for any body or take on multiple jobs to make ends meet. It was really amazing seeing that creating a website can warn you decent money

    1. There really are no limits with making money the Wealthy Affiliate way when you get it right, yes there are 1000s of opportunities and with the help of Wealthy Affiliate they make it easy for you.

      Sack the boss and become a Wealthy Affiliate https://bit.ly/3qAMCnB

      Good onya digger

      OZ Dave

  7. Great article review about Wealthy Affiliate! It highlights what is possible when you join Wealthy Affiliate – starting a blogging website about an interest you want to share with the rest of the world while making money at the same time, as well as networking with other members for support, comments, and feedback.

    1. Thanks for the nice feedback, yes I don’t think you can go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate, they provide everything you need for success you only need to apply yourself so ultimately it is up to you – The question is – How bad do you really want it?

      Good onya Mate

      OZ Dave

  8. Seeing your post made me remember the day I created my first website on wealthy affiliate platform. It was like Magic. I am used to creating a website and going through the headache of configuring the Cpanel before going back to your wordpress dash board and lots more. Wealthy Affiliate made the difference, no more complicated procedure. give the website name, select a theme and the system does the rest for you. Top of it is the security level attached to your website. You can confident relax and be sure your website is secured 

    1. Yes I reckon Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform as well, they do make every step so easy with their website builder and all the training and help, glad you have found them too mate.

      All the Best

      OZ Dave

  9. Thank you for sharing such a great article about Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the best platforms to learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing from scratch until you become an expert in the industry. Several people worldwide have been using the skills taught by Wealthy Affiliate since 2004 to build businesses that are generating a full-time income online.

  10. No joke, Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to start your own online business and as this article states, it takes seconds to fully create a website. Of course, you’ll be able to play around with your website and how it looks but that’s besides the point. Going premium is a great start to grow your business as it gives you more authority. I joined the premium plan exactly 3 days after joining the free plan. It’s been a little bit over a year now and I have no regrets. 

    1. Excellent to hear Stephanie, I reckon WA is the best too and yes premium is the way to go if you are Fair Dinkum about making money online as an affiliate.

      See you around the community

      OZ Dave

  11. I think it’s great for newbies not to have to worry about coding and the tech side of the websites, means they can focus entirely on their content creation which is ultimately the basis for all great online business. I am a member of WA and highly recommend. I think it’s important to stress how despite the website been launched so quickly it takes time and real perseverance to build a business, too many people treat it like a hobby. Yes it certainly can be fun and engaging to write about topics that interest you but we have to put in the sort of time and dedication required to make it a business. Keep up the good work, great review.  

    1. Hi Rick, glad you enjoyed the read. Yes you do get out what you put into it, and yes you can spend a lot of time building out your site.

      If you’re expecting a full time income yes you need to put in the effort and treat it like a business.

      Good to you have found WA see you in the community 

      OZ Dave

  12. You are right, with WA you can build on the site immediately, without technical knowledge. WA offers everything you need for an online business for a few pennies. The community is exceptional, as is the technical assistance. Kyle and Carson, WA owners, are constantly working to improve the site. WA is the starting point for an online business, followed by work and personal creativity.

    1. Hi Carmen, Yes there really are a lot of benefits to joining the WA community as you have found out.

      See you in the community

      OZ Dave

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