How to Start a Home Business

How to Start a Home Business

So you want to know how to start a home business, well hang on, and I will tell you how I have done it. There are many options these days for a home business but what I am going to be talking about here today is affiliate marketing.

I believe that affiliate marketing is a great option for just about everyone because it has minimal startup cost and virtually no overheads and some training and help along the way your earning potential is unlimited. Let’s have a yarn about this affiliate marketing and can show you how easy it really can be.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

If you are serious and want to know how to start a home business, I reckon setting up a website and start affiliate marketing is the way to go, why?

The Good:

  • Minimal startup cost
  • Flexible work hours
  • Sell in any niche you want
  • unlimited earning potential
  • Flexible work location
  • Creates passive income
  • Easily scale and outsource business activities

The Bad:

  • It requires you to put in the effort

Now you have to work at anything if you want to have success right, well sorry to tell you there is no secret to Making Money Online. Sure you might make a quick buck, but if you want to have long-termed success you have to work at it, you know the more you put in, you reap what you sow all those saying well they are true for affiliate marketing as well.

There really are many advantages when it comes to affiliate marketing and the only downside is the work you need to do, but that is why you build your website around something you are interested in, that way you will enjoy doing it. Once you put in the groundwork, a good site can continue to make you good income for years, so the work you have to put in is definitely worth it when you get it right.

What Do I Really Need?

To get it right you will need some help, you can get help and everything else you will need at Wealthy Affiliate. I am part of the community if you are keen and want to jump straight in click the banner below and get your FREE ACCOUNT.


The only other thing you will need is a computer and an internet connection. You can get the help, training, and tools you will need from Wealthy Affiliate. Now I will be straight upfront with you here, and if you want to make some serious money, you will need to upgrade your account. You will want to become a premium member if you are Fair Dinkum, this gives you access to all the training and tools and includes premium web hosting and 24/7 support. You will also have access to a community of experts that are willing to help you, and all this costs about $50 buck a month which is a bargain for what you get. Don’t believe me why not Try Before You Buy with a Free Account.

The only other ingredient is your effort if you put in the time and follow the Wealthy Affiliate training you will have success. There are 4 keys steps that you need to get right for success.

The 4 Steps to Success

There really are only 4 main steps when it comes to Making Money Online; they are:

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build the website
  3. Get some visitors
  4. Generate the cash

Now don’t worry if you don’t know much about all this web stuff at Wealthy Affiliate they will show you how to do all this, they will break it down into easy to learn lessons, and if you still don’t get it you ask the community, and they will help you, easy.

So you choose something you are interested in, they will help you choose a niche market, then they will show you how to build out your website, that part is a lot easier than you might think. The next part, getting some visitors is essential, you need the visitors, more visitors = more sales. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to generate 100% free organic traffic to your site, follow the training.

Once you have the traffic coming to your site you can monetize the site, there are a few ways to do this, but the main one will be through affiliate marketing programs but don’t worry Wealthy affiliate have this side of things covered as well. They really are all you will ever need.

What it Really Takes – To Be Successful.

The “How to Start a Home Business” is easy with the help of Wealthy Affiliate you have everything you will need except for one thing, and that is your time and effort. The question is “How bad do you really want it?”

There are no short cuts, and you have to spend the time to set up and work on your business, the payoff will be more than worth the effort when you get it right. The only way to fast track success is with the help of a community and platform like Wealthy Affiliate, they have been around for 15 years showing a bloke how to do this stuff, and they are still around, must be pretty good at it I reckon.

What I Reckon – My Thoughts

Well, I reckon if you are Fair Dinkum and want to know how to start a home business take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, Try Before You Buy and sign up for a Free Account that way you will soon work out if affiliate marketing is the home business for you.

Like I have said this is definitely not a get-rich-quick scam, it is a genuine business opportunity that you can make a lot of money from if you want to put in the effort, with Wealthy Affiliate you have means, you need the desire to make it happen.

How bad do you really want it, are you prepared to step out of your comfort zone?

Click the little square. I dare you!


Like I said give them a crack and yell out down in the comments below if you need a hand with any of this stuff.

All the Best MMO

OZ Dave

14 thoughts on “How to Start a Home Business”

  1. You make it sound so easy with your four-step system, and that is basically what it is, but in-between there is a lot of work involved as you need to write a ton of content for your website before you start seeing results. Affiliate Marketing can be lucrative, and with hard work, over time it works really well.

    If you enjoy the topic you are writing about, it won’t seem like hard work, but if you don’t, it can be very slow going.

    I fully agree that the Training at Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to get started and learning from people who have done it before you is always the best way to go in order to fast track your own success.

    1. I agree, you need to pick a niche you are interested in, then you can just talk about what you are into and enjoy the writing part. There are a lot jobs out there that are worse than writing about something that you love. I reckon it is a great opportunity and with the help of Wealthy Affiliate you can’t go wrong, yes it requires work but for me the pay off is worth it.

      Oz Dave 

  2. I completely agree with you. This year has been a though one for everyone and finding a job throughout the internet by the comfort of your own home has been one of the things that people are looking for right now. Affiliate marketing has been, by far, the best option I could come across from. I’ve tried multiple other platforms and MLM alternatives and it was truly a waste of time. There is nothing better than having your own business and controlling everything that happens in that space, your space. 

    1. Have to agree with you Stephanie that is why I am part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. Making Money Online on your own terms is definitely the way to go I reckon.

      Go on ya for having a go

      OZ Dave

  3. I think that affiliate marketing online just shows the magic of technology when you use it correctly. If I think of how many people that had no opportunities before this business model was created, now can create their own business I feel super grateful for the times we are living, despite all the difficulties, especially this year. You summed up all the things you need to create your home-based business, but I have a question for you: what do you think is the best method to overcome the step of generating traffic – for sure, the hardest step among the ones you listed?

    1. Hi and thanks for asking, there are a few ways to get the traffic, you can buy traffic, or get free organic traffic.

      Buying it is easy but can be expensive, unfortunately, good organic traffic comes from hard work, there is no short cut, keep writing and publishing articles with your keywords. Like you have said though with a bit of help from someone like WA and if you put in the work anyone can make money online, how much really is up to you.

      Good on ya Mate

      OZ Dave

  4. I have made some money with Wealthy Affiliate so I know it isn’t a scam. Though don’t go expecting quick riches without any effort. If so, you would be disappointed. Some money came from me working on my website part time. Now I’m doing it full time, but I’ve yet to see the incredible riches. Still, I am optimistic that I can reach that level in time.

    1. If you are following the training at WA and put in the effort you know it will happen, no doubt. Just focus on writing good quality content if that is your strategy.

      All the best Mate, hope you go well

      OZ Dave

  5. There are literally no questions I have to ask. You laid out everything in such a simple way that I feel like I know it already. There is truly a good amount of work to do but that work pays off in the end. Becoming an affiliate really isn’t as hard as most people think and this is a super helpful guide to get started so thank you!

    1. Happy to hear you appreciate my post, most people are not patient enough and want the fast money, they go hard for a while and then give up and say it does not work. It definitely does work if you put in the effort and yes you are right it is easy with the help of someone like WA.

      OZ Dave

  6. I really appreciate the way in which you have summed things up quite concisely without excessive details. I was wondering, do you think that doing your own YouTube videos might help your audience even further with affiliate marketing? This is something that I wanted to suggest because a lot of other people have their own website AND YouTube channel.

    1. Youtube is definitely worthwhile for affiliate marketing, I personally have not gone down that path but know it works well. 

      There are a lot of marketing strategies just pick 1 or 2 and get good at them, don’t try to do everything all at once.

      Good on ya Bloke, have a good one!

      OZ Dave

  7. I like the way you have broken down the process. It really is that simple, though certainly not easy. Affiliate marketing requires writing a lot of content and paying attention to the steps.

    Wealthy Affiliate offers great training and certainly is the one that I recommend for people just starting out with affiliate marketing. I’ve used the platform for about 4 years now and have no plans to leave. The training is excellent (and they keep adding more!) and the community is very helpful, too.

    Great article–thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Diane, I have to agree WA is an exceptional value with an awesome community & training.

      I would recommend anyone starting out should grab their free starter account for sure.

      OZ Dave

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