How to Work at Home with a Computer

How to Work at Home with a Computer

OK, people listen up today I’m going to review Wealthy Affiliate, it is the one that got me started in this industry and taught me how to Create Wealth from anywhere don’t let the title deceive you ‘cos you can do this anywhere, not just from home, you can do it in the outback, in the city, in fact anywhere you can get an Internet connection, even when you’re camping or travelling it really is the ultimate mobile work solution.

For me this means real Freedom you can take your work with you, you don’t have to work from home you can choose to work on your terms however how many hours you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, that’s fair dinkum real freedom.

OK what is wealthy affiliate you ask, it’s an all-inclusive affiliate marketing platform that will allow you to create, grow and manage your business on any level from anywhere. When you join up the included services are training, personal and expert support, live ongoing classes, website building and hosting, you can also network with thousands of other members anytime.

It is the largest affiliate Network Marketing place globally, and they have awesome 24/7 support to back it all up and help you succeed. They are the fair dinkum real deal, but that is just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions, don’t just take my word for it, read my review below and make your own mind up but I know you won’t find a better bloody deal when it comes to affiliate marketing anywhere.

Wealthy Affiliate – Review

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners: Kyle & Carson
  • Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Training: Two thumbs up – 96 out of 100
  • Support: Two thumbs up – 100% Awesome Fair Dinkum help whenever you need it.
  • Website Builder: Two thumbs up – 97 out of 100
  • WordPress Hosting: Two thumbs up – 96 out of 100
  • Research Tools: Two thumbs up – 93 out of 100
  • Success Stories: Two thumbs up – 95 out of 100 ( you do have to put in some work though, its not one of those get-rich-quick scams)
  • Price: Starter Member for FREE – No really, true, fair dinkum. Premium Membership ($49/mth or $359/year)   
  • OZAffiliate.com Rating: Two BIG thumbs up – 96 out of 100

The Training – Heaps to Choose From.

I have been dagging around online for a long time; I have seen a lot of (BS) in my day. But one thing I can say for sure is that wealthy affiliate has the best training hands down.

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The Amazing Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms

You will learn the proper techniques that work today and the ones that will keep working tomorrow, which’s important when working online if you want to stick around for a while. They update stuff all the time so you can be sure that you’re using the latest techniques strategies in your business. They walk you through their precise four-step process to building a successful business online. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, man or woman or even what location you are camped at success has no bias.

The 4 Steps

Now, what are these four steps?

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build the website
  3. Get some visitors
  4. Generate the cash

Don’t worry if this all sounds a bit hard because it’s not. It’s quite simple really Wealthy Affiliate will guide you all the way through each of these steps with simple to understand information and videos every step of the way. And don’t worry if you’re a bit of a slow learner like me there is help available at every step of the way you just have to ask.

Oh and I forgot to mention before I get into the specific training if you have any questions at this point or want to have a yarn with me about Wealthy Affiliate just leave your question or comment down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can OK Mate.

OK, where was I the training. They have all sorts of training, depending on your learning style.

The training really does cater for everyone whether you’re new to this affiliate stuff or being around a little while you will get a ton of value out of it, that is the you bute thing about Wealthy Affiliate.

Support at Wealthy Affiliate – They do really give a S#!T.

Let me tell you a little story, back in the days when I was trying to start in this online game I spent over 70 grand on what was supposedly a Turnkey business, and I busted my butt in that business, yeah it done alright. Still, at the end of the day, I didn’t have the support I needed, it wasn’t available when I needed it, the workload became all too much because I had to figure it all out myself, it wasn’t the Turnkey business it was supposed to be and after flogging a dead horse for 18 months or so I gave up.

If I compare that $70,000 business to what you get at Wealthy Affiliate for less than 50 bucks a month if you go Premium you could say they are chalk and cheese.

The level of help you get with wealthy affiliate is unbelievable they really are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, it’s not just their support team it’s the whole community there’re thousands of other people just like you that have been through the program and are willing to help you, you just need to ask.

No Excuses

There really are no excuses or reason why you should feel stuck or fail; the help and support are there for you. The only reason you will fail is if you give up. Some 0f the ways they give you help and support are

  • Site Support – Website & Hosting (help 24/7 and they are quick to respond)
  • Direct Access to the Founders Kyle & Carson
  • Private Messaging/Mentoring
  • You can Ask Questions in a Blog Post.
  • Ask Questions in Comments
  • Live Chat -24/7

Now the second one, access to the founders Kyle and Carson can take a little while because they are directly involved in their business so as you can imagine they have thousands of things to deal with daily but be sure that they will get back to you because they are passionate about helping you they really do want to see you succeed.

So don’t worry about it being too hard or not getting help because they are just excuses. Wealthy Affiliate is like No One else when it comes to a helpful, caring community of like-minded people from all over the world ready to help.

The Website Bit.

Don’t worry if you’ve never built a website before you don’t need any experience, and it honestly takes 30 seconds to build a website the Wealthy Affiliate way. Of course, it’s going to take you longer to tweak your website and get it exactly how you want it, but you can start a site with a free domain in 30 seconds.

You’ll have access to all the tools, free email, images, templates and all that stuff you want to use to create your awesome website.

Speaking of tools, they have it all.

  • Keyword research platform
  • Site analysis and research tools
  • Tracking Tools etc…

You don’t need to find your own niche either they have their own affiliate program as well, it is the best out there. They will even shout you a trip to Vegas if you put enough work in and get the sales.

Oz Affiliates Final Say, is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

You bet it is, Fair Dinkum if you are serious about How to work at home with a Computer or anywhere in the world for that matter you need to check out Wealthy Affiliate, they are the Real Deal. Everything that you will ever need for success at this online stuff is available at Wealthy Affiliate at a fraction of the cost comparatively speaking.

So if you are still sitting on the fence and not sure why not sign up for a ==>FREE account and have a look around, then you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Bonus Stuff – How to Claim

Now if you have read this far I know you are Fair Dinkum about making a go of this affiliate stuff so when you join your FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a bonus on top of the 59% discount you get on the first month if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days. When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will personally get in touch and say G’day and let you know about the bonuses I have for you.

What are you waiting for you never know what you are missing out on if you don’t give it a go and Try Wealthy Affiliate?Two thumbs up

If you have any questions at all, please drop me a line in the box below I’ll be more than happy to help a mate out. As far as the review goes, Wealthy Affiliate gets the Two Thumbs Up from the OZ Affiliate every day.

The OZ Affiliate


14 thoughts on “How to Work at Home with a Computer”

  1. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful article on how to work with a computer from home. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really helpful article. Wealthy affiliate for me is the best affiliate marketing program. It is very legit and also lucrative. At wealthy affiliate, you don’t just make money, you have the opportunity to give out and receive knowledge by participating in the quality training provided by the platform. Kudos to Kyle and Carson for this, they did a very good job. 

    1. Thanks Sophie, Yes I think it is an excellent opportunity, Kyle & Carson have done an Awesome job, I reckon they are good blokes, glad you enjoyed my article from OZ

  2. I can’t help but say I love this platform (wealthy affiliate) it has really been of grate help to my friends who introduce me into it and that the major reason I became a member, there are indeed many benefit to it that I found out on my own which are, it gives me freedom ( that is I don’t have to be under a boss that is alway shouting at me), I have time for myself and for my education.thanks to wealthy affiliate.

    1. Hey Kelvin

      Nothing worse than a Boss yelling at ya, glad you have the freedom of being a wealthy affiliate now, Well Done, I’ll catch ya later Mate!

      OZ Affiliate

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing review of wealthy affiliate z working from home is a very good thing to do and it has been in the system for a very long time now, what I really love about it is that fact that you can do your business anywhere in the world and wealthy affiliate is the best platform to learn how to do that. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes I reckon they have the best platform, that with the ability to earn money anywhere no matter what your location is a winner I say, thanks for sharing your opinion.

      See Ya Later Mate

      Oz Affiliate

  4. Thank you for what you have shared here and to be very honest, I value the overview here.  Being able to actually work from home would help detach from the unending stress of having to deal with working under a boss and with wealthy affiliate, it becomes possible. However, it is Al’s with downsides too of not being able to maintain focus and it can get overwhelming too. 

    1. Hi Liza, 

      You have raised a few good points but the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is that if anything becomes overwhelming you can just reach out for help, it is always available. You also have the training that you can go over and over again and additional resources, they have a great community that are willing to help you.

      As for not being able to focus I think that is a personal thing and if you want something bad enough you will find a way, there really is no one to hold you back with the help of Wealthy Affiliate except for yourself.

      Good luck on your journey and if I can help you along your way just reach out and ask OK mate.

      Happy Days

      OZ Dave 

  5. You are not the only one who has wasted money in several online scams before finding a reliable place to learn the game. I also did, I wasted my money buying fast track to make money online. All to get a trash can that is not reliable. For me, wealthy affiliate is the best place you can learn at the moment. I agree with you on the support, they are readily available and the community is another go-to platform for support 

    1. Glad you have found Wealthy Affiliate, I think they are the best around also.

      I wish you all the best on your MMO journey mate.

      OZ Dave

  6. Hello. Good day. Thanks for this review. It will help those who have little or no idea about this business and internet business also. It will also make them know more and want to learn more about it. Given the right opportunity and proper training, it will give them ideas to start up their own and earn a living for themselves. Rather than depending on a low amount of income to survive.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the read becoming a Wealthy Affiliate certainly does give you opportunities, you will only fail if you stop. Your success as an affiliate is totally up to you and remember…

      Be the Best you can Be

      OZ Dave

  7. What a great article about this very powerful program!

    Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a very good platform that encompasses more than just detailed and useful training. For me, the community is one of the best points. Anytime I have a question or need a little help, it feels like throwing bread to the seagulls at the beach–several members reply, usually within minutes. That means that I am never waiting for needed help–it’s right there.

    I highly recommend WA to anyone who is willing to put in some time and effort.

    Great post- thanks for sharing!

    1. WA certainly is a great place to learn affiliate marketing, and yes, it has an awesome community of seagulls. I mean experts that are willing to help.

      OZ Dave

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