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HYIP Investment Programs | Review

G’Day, in today’s post we are going to look at HYIP investment programs, what are they, are they worth your time, are they a scam? So what does HYIP mean – High Yield Investment Program.

Although these HYIP investment programs are more related to investing a lot do usually come with a good affiliate program attached, that is why I thought HYIP’s would be worth a review.

A lot of these are just scams or a Ponzi scheme or both, and this is what Investopedia has to say about HYIP so is the affiliate side to attract new members so they can maintain payments to older members?

I recently found an HYIP that is currently paying out. I have invested a small amount into it mainly to do a real live case study for you. You can read the review on Bitero from my other site and track the payout details there also.

What is a HYIP

High Yield Investment Program – Is just as the name suggests, it is a program that offers high returns on your investments. These sorts of programs have been around for a long time, but today I will be giving you a live example of one, it’s called BITERO as I said it has been paying out now for a few months.

Bitero is only a few months old, it has a really professional looking website, good support and ticks a lot of boxes but I can’t help but think it will crash at some point, you know stop paying out when they can’t get enough new members to join in typical Ponzi scheme style.

I really hope I am wrong and they continue to payout, I have a strategy that I am using so that I will only be investing the money that I have already received in payouts so for me it is a risk-free investment if it crashes I have not lost any of my capital. I know you want to know what is a HYIP and the best way is to give you an example so I will introduce you to BITERO.

HYIP | BITERO the Offer


Register and invest in the 30-day Bitero investment package that combines revenue streams from four different investment markets. We guarantee our customers a daily profit of 2.0% on workdays and 1.0% on weekends. This daily percentage of profit will be available to our users for instant withdrawal, 24/7. Investors can reclaim their deposit at any time.

So they claim that they invest in 4 different areas for diversification. The four areas are FX Markets, Digital Exchanges, Bitcoin Mining and Venture Capital. They claim to have a team of experts that make daily investments to achieve high returns.

Now I know that you can make these sorts of returns especially in crypto, they pay out 2% weekdays, 1% weekends for a total of 12% a week and they claim to be making more than that with their investments. Now the problem for me starts here. They are claims, and there is no solid proof that they are investing money anywhere, it may just be a Ponzi scheme.

Yes they are paying out for now, and I would like to be proven wrong, but you know the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is” that doesn’t mean that some people won’t make money out of Bitero, I plan to and will show you how stick around to find out.

Other Red Flags

It is effortless to get started with Bitero, you deposit crypto and click a few buttons, they also payout in crypto. Unfortunately for crypto, this is a red flag, why, because crypto is not regulated. This means that Bitero does not have to have any license or accreditation because they are dealing with crypto.

ScamThey claim to be investing in legitimate markets, but they can not be held liable for their actions because they are only dealing with crypto. They can not provide any proof of where they are investing the money and making the claimed profits. They seem to be very transparent with a lot of information on their website but provide no real proof of what they are doing with the money.

For these reasons, I can help but think it is just a Ponzi scheme that will crash at some point when they can’t get enough new members to make payouts. This could be why they are promoting it well with a good affiliate program, and this helps bring in new members to keep the payouts going.


The Bitero Affiliate Program

“Our affiliate program gives each of our members a chance to grow together with Bitero while building this great community financially. At the first, novice level, associates earn 5% commission from all direct referrals, and an extra 1% commission on the first three levels of passive referrals.”

They have 6 levels of affiliate commission as you work your way up and you can even become an official representative and start at 7% commission. They also have a Bounty program where you can earn rewards for promoting Bitero. Don’t get me wrong I love a good affiliate program, and a good affiliate program is a win/win, but I can’t help Bitero’s affiliate program is just about getting new members into the system, what do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

What I Reckon about HYIP Investment Programs

Even though Bitero looks very good and appears to have good intentions, I can’t help but think it is just a scam and at some point will crash. Now I don’t really want to be involved in a company that is just a Ponzi, but I have invested in Bitero.

As I have previously said my Bitero investment is just an experiment, a case study to alert people about HYIP investment programs to make people aware of these scams, I don’t know if Bitero is a scam not. I will keep my post “What is a HYIP – Bitero Review” updated so you can go there for regular updates to see if Bitero keeps paying.

So I have invested 0.005 BTC that is roughly AUD 175. I plan to get out without losing any of my own money. I am only a few days into it, but I should get back just over 50% of my investment in profits in a 30-day cycle if it goes according to plan. After 2 cycles, I will have made my initial investment back plus a bit more with compounding. At this point, I will take my initial investment out and reinvest with the profits.

So I need it to survive for 60 days, and the rest after that is pure profit, if it fails before then I have only lost a little, they have been paying out for a few months now with no problems let’s hope that continues. Bitero certainly appears to be professional and seem to want to do the right thing, but time will ultimately tell. I would say proceed with caution on this one as there are red flags.

Similar to HYIP but Different

If you are keen to start investing with a genuine 100% transparent company, look at this article I wrote on my other site called CAKE DeFi they do not offer as high a returns but are genuine, I have been using them for months. It is just basically earning interest on your crypto, and you can make huge capital gains with crypto and earn good interest on it.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the article and are now aware of HYIP investment programs, most are scams, yes and now you know what to look out for, let me know your thoughts in the comments, thanks for reading and if you want a more secure trusted option check out CAKE DeFi.

Good on ya, Mate!

OZ Dave

UpDate on SCAM

Bitero turned out a Scam. I have had to remove images that were from  Bitero.Scam
It was purely an exit scam, they suddenly shut down and took everyone’s money.

Please share, the more aware we can make people of these types of scams the better off we all will be.

To read about another recent ICO Scam click the link ===> Vectra Coin Scam or Not?

❗ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on ozaffiliate.com is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.

6 thoughts on “HYIP Investment Programs | Review”

  1. Oh my, thank you very much for writing a review of Bitero. Your experience is very insightful before I’m trying to do any investment there. I’ve never heard about HYIP previously, so I almost tried to invest it, only to find that some People post similar red flags like yours. Cryptocurrency is harder to manage (for me), so I’ll try to find a better alternative. Thanks

    1. I would have to disagree with you about crypto, it may seem hard to manage at first but once you learn how to deal with crypto properly it is actually a lot more secure, really easy to manage and has the lowest fee’s, you have total control, that is what de-centralisation is all about.

      Anyway, I agree that there are better alternatives out there I also make money from trading crypto, the way I trade I don’t consider risky at all and it is easy as well. It just takes discipline to put into action. If you are interested I can offer you a Free Crypto Course

  2. Hey

    Thank you for introducing me to HYIP investments. It all new to me but your article is very informative, enabling readers to make a sound decisions. I also appreciate the fact that you went all the way to investing with Bitero to have an inside knowledge , to give us this insightful and helpful article .

    1. Happy to see you appreciate the post. Bitero is currently paying out but for how long who knows, hopefully, I will make my initial investment back and it keeps paying out.

      Good on ya Mate!

      OZ Dave

  3. The risk with high yield investment program is high, although the yield is quite attractive but the risk is too high. I love the the Bietro example you gave. A system that pays out 2% interest on daily basis, gives you assurance of withdrawing your cash any time, top of it there forms of investment are just claims without solid proofs. This systems will not stand the test of time. To invest here one must be careful 

    1. I will keep you updated and let you know straight away if they stop paying. The major red flag for me is the fact that there is no proof of the investments they are making so it does tend to look like a Ponzi.

      OZ Dave

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