My Dream Job Quiz

Do you love your job?

If you do, you are one of the lucky ones, but so many people are stuck in a job they hate.

You spend a large amount of time at your job so you should really be doing something that you love. Life is too short to waste, making someone else rich doing a task you don’t enjoy.

Let’s take the Dream Job Quiz and see if we can find your dream job.

Do You Love your JOB?

Now I mean Fair Dinkum Love your job, is it your passion, is it doing something that you really love doing? If you are not working in your dream job, let me ask you why not? What is stopping you?

Let me tell ya a little yarn about my working history because I think you will relate. It starts at school. I did pretty good at school but never really knew what I wanted to do when I left school. A few of my mates left in grade 10, but I stayed on and completed grade 11 because I was unsure what I wanted to do.

My School Story

Now I started to get sick of school, and I didn’t particularly appreciate doing my homework, my parents could see this, so my Dad arranged for me to do some work experience during my school holidays. It was at an engineering firm working metal lathes – like my father. He was a Fitter & Turner by trade. I enjoyed it, and I thought it was better than school, so I hit them up for an apprenticeship. Well, I didn’t get one yet, but they said to come back at the end of the year, and we will let you know.

I thought I had a good chance, and as a result, my schooling probably suffered. I did NO homework but managed to pass grade 11, and at the end of the year, I got my apprenticeship. Now I did quite well in my trade and even become a leading hand at an early age and then became a workshop foreman but I can’t say that I ever loved my job. I enjoyed some parts of it, but at the end of the day it was just a way to earn a living, and it was certainly not something that I loved to do, in fact, the last few years of my working career in a JOB I hated it.

I guess that is what really helped me find My Dream Job.

What is a Dream Job?

What factors make up your dream job, let’s take the dream job quiz.

  • Is your job something you enjoy – something you really love and are passionate about?
  • What are the working hours – part-time, full time, casual, 9 to 5, is this flexible?
  • Location – office, factory, where do you have to go to work?
  • Wages – potential to increase your wage, how much money can you really make?
  • Transport costs – Tools of the Trade costs, other overheads – what is the cost of business?

These points are just a few questions you should be asking yourself. If you had a choice, what would you choose? What would your dream job look like? What if you could work anywhere, any location.

What is Stopping YOU?

If you have answered these few simple questions and know what this Dream Job will look like, why aren’t you doing it? What has stopped you from living your dreams?

You can make all sorts of excuses if you want to, you know it’s too far, it’s too hard, it’s not enough money. But what is really stopping you? Your location? Your education? Well………, what is it? What’s your story…….??

We all have a story, and all our dream jobs would look different as well, but what if I said I could show you a few options on how to get your dream job. You know doing something that you love, something that you could do from virtually anywhere in the world, working flexible hours on your own terms. Let’s have a look at a way that could help you achieve your Dream Job.

OZ Affiliate Way

Now with the way of the affiliate, you can work towards your dream job in four steps. Anyone can turn their passion or their hobby into their dream job by becoming an affiliate marketer, let’s have a look…

Now, what are these four steps?

  1. Choose an interest
  2. Build the website
  3. Get some visitors
  4. Generate the cash

Now hang on, don’t panic, I’ll show ya what it takes is not as hard as you think.

Choose an interest – No really choose your real interest what are you passionate about? It can be anything from dogs, cars, health & fitness, music whatever floats your boat there is a market for it so choose what you are passionate about. Because you are “working” on your passion, it is not like a job.

Build the website – The scary bit; honestly, I can show you how to build a website in less than 30sec, Fair Dinkum, with technology these days you don’t need to know code and all that other internet stuff to build a good website. There is an easy way, and it’s the Wealthy Affiliate way.

Get some visitors – Don’t worry about this bit either because WA has this covered as well. They have more training than you can poke a stick at, true. They will show you what works without all the fluff, and you don’t have to pay for it – true organic visitors.

Generate the cashWA will show you ways to monetize your site as well, so don’t panic you get all sorts of training and help from a whole community of like-minded people. If you get the first three steps right, the cash will flow.

Ways that Wealthy Affiliate will help you.

Now the best bit is you can try the Wealthy Affiliate for Free and see what affiliate marketing is all about, you can build a Free website. Why not have a look at the ==>> WEALTHY AFFILIATE <<== it just could be your Dream Job!


I will be honest here it will not happen overnight, and it will not happen if you don’t put the work in either, but if you are consistent and follow their training it will happen, just how big it happens is up to you.

How Badly Do YOU Want your Dream Job


I hope this post helps you find your dream job and don’t forget if you want to know more about any of this stuff drop me a message in the box below alright mate.

Catch ya Later

OZ Dave.

14 thoughts on “My Dream Job Quiz”

  1. So I love my job! The only problem is I am barely making any money from it! I’m still hanging on to the thought that if I continue doing everything right, I’ll eventually make a full-time income. I hope it will happen but honestly, I’ve been doing this for a long time. How long do you think one should hang in there?

    1. Good question Hollie.

      I would say as longs as it takes if you truly Love your job, but honestly if you have been struggling for a long time you need to have a good look and see where you can make your biggest improvements. There can be a lot of reasons, your niche might be very competitive so it could be very hard to rank high in the eyes of google just as an example. 

      If you are continually working on improving your business, test and measure and put the work in consistently you will get there. What is your niche market by the way?

      Good luck Mate

      OZ Dave

  2. I like your style, simple and to the point. Who wouldn’t want to make money while they’re sleeping? I think there is something wrong with the working world for so many people to have such a thought.

    Is it the top brass? Is it the culture? Anyhow, it is what it is, and making money online with websites is here to stay.

    1. Hi Clark

      Yes MMO is here to stay, I reckon it is a top thing to learn and that way you can sack the boss and do something you really love and make some money doing it.

      OZ Dave

  3. This was really a timely article because many people out there do not like their job and get very depressed at their jobs not knowing that there are nice opportunities like these out there but they keep on taking multiple jobs just to make sure they can make ends meet, many people need to see this, I had to share

    1. Hi and thanks for sharing, you need to be happy in working your job, through affiliate marketing you can do this and potentially make great money. I reckon that is a great deal. 

      Make sure you share the Free WA Account as well https://ozaffiliate.com/Free-A

      Good on ya Mate!

      OZ Dave

  4. Hello Oz Dave, I find your article to be interesting and informative. It’ really time- wasting and very painful to experience the frustration of hard-work which is not yielding good results as per efforts applied, let alone if it’s not anywhere near your dream job. Life is so challenging, we find ourselves working very hard for other people and making them rich while we hard-workers are not getting the progress we wish for.

    1. Glad I could tell you a bit about a real Dream Job, for me affiliate marketing is it. You can be your own boss, work as hard as you want and be rewarded for your efforts, you can do all this on a niche that you love as well. How good it that?

      All the best bloke

      OZ Dave

  5. Great article promoting wealthy affiliate this is definitely a great program and I highly recommend it to anyone. It will help you take your business to the next level or create your very own business online. I joined back in 2018 and have been happy with it every since I love the new opportunities I’ve found that i never knew where possible. Thank you for the helpful article about this Great opportunity!

    1. Hi Jonathon and thank you for the positive feedback, good to see you that you have gotten a lot of value out of WA. It speaks volumes to have members stick around for that long, but they are the best and do keep adding value so I guess it is no surprise, see you in the community, my friend.

      OZ Dave

  6. Hi Dave! I guess most people do not even know what their dream job really is. Most of us are not taught to think like that. We are brought up to do what is expected of us and our society. 

    Only some have a clear vision of what they want to be and why they want to work exactly that. People who have found their passion in life at an early time in life. But it is never to late to change if you find out you do not like your Job.

     I mean, you may even like your job  like I did and still have the feeling you are not fulfilled at the end of the day. Something is missing.

     I had to change my way of thinking about my job.  That was how I got into affiliate marketing. And I never regretted it. I feel more fulfilled and free than I ever did in my previous jobs. 

    And I will say that Wealthy Affiliate offers the best community and training in the Affiliate marketing basics out there. You can follow your passion or interest and build your future on it. Longterm committment and hard work will get you where you want. When you start to change – everything in your life will change too.

    1. Great to hear you made the change and that you are enjoying it, Hilde, I would have to agree with you about WA I reckon they are the best, it’s a credit to Kyle & Carson.

      Stick with your dream

      OZ Dave

  7. This shows that anyone in the world can get their dream job if they tried hard enough. Not only that but they will be earning a passive income by the end of the day. That should really be appreciated by everyone. There is no other post like this one as well, you’re spacing is great and so is your wording. There isn’t a section at all that could be misunderstood. I also really relate to your school story. 

    1. Glad you enjoyed my yarn about my school days, you really can achieve anything if you want it bad enough.

      Good on ya, Mate!

      OZ Dave

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