Prosperity of Life Scam

Prosperity of Life Scam | Review

Is Prosperity of Life a scam?

Chances are you found this page because you have been invited to have a look at the Prosperity of Life Network, I recently came across this one too and thought it was worth a review.

I have been seeing a lot of PPC ads lately for Prosperity of Life Network like the one below.

Prosperity of Life

Stick around, and I will tell you my thoughts on THE PROSPERITY OF LIFE NETWORK.

The prosperity of Life Network Review


Website: https://prosperityoflife.com/

Price: Spend around $2,285 upwards + monthly fee and refer your first 2 sales up before you make anything.

Owners: Shane & Rachel Krider

Overall Rank: No Go – Not for Me

The prosperity of Life, Product Overview

The prosperity of life promotes and sells Wealth Creation, Personal Development courses and Live Events. You can purchase their products without becoming affiliated or join the team and earn commissions on your sales. The business side is basically promoting & selling Prosperity of Life personal development courses and live events. The courses range from $2,285 – $6,250 and the live events are even more expensive, you keep a commission on the sales.

So in this way, it is like affiliate sales but to become “qualified” and start earning money you have to pass your first 2 sales up to your Director, the person that introduced you to Prosperity of Life and that part to me is a little like a pyramid scheme in disguise. They talk about Leveraging the business, from what I can see it relies on people joining under you and then you receive commissions.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • High ticket sales = good commission = high payouts
  • Personal Development – it’s a good industry.
  • Online – Low overheads

The Bad:

  • High startup cost
  • Expensive products – high priced compared to other similar products.
  • Can only sell their products
  • It smells of a pyramid scheme of sorts – first 2 sales go up and then rely on more down sales to “leverage.”
  • Owner in a previous scam

Who is Prosperity of Life For?

It is aimed at selling products to the self-help / personal development niche.

They promote the business side as “Life changing income for representing life-changing products!” So it is for anyone that wants to promote personal development, they claim you can easily make a 6 figure income.

Tools & Training

Your first 2 sales you make go upstream to your “Mentor” they will help you get started apparently, so you have a mentor that you can contact directly for help and support. They have training that they provide and they have all the products for you to sell.

They will teach you the 3 basic steps.

  1. Place an Ad
  2. Script interview / Qualify / Invite
  3. Follow up / get paid.

So as far as this side of things goes they seem to have it pretty sorted, there appears to be a community of like-minded people. The process is pretty straight forward, so what is the problem?

Let’s Compare Products

I think the personal development industry is great. You can’t knock anyone for having a go but Let’s compare apples with apples.

You have all heard of Toni Robbins, well for $695 you can do his 4-day event “Unleash The Power Within” online and for $1095 you can get a heap of bonuses that include going to a UPW live event. A similar live event at Prosperity of Life can cost over 10K. I know where I would spend my money. The courses I reckon are overpriced when you compare them to similar courses by the industry’s best.

My Opinion of Prosperity of Life Network.

I personally have not purchased any of their products, but I have watched the videos they send you when you get invited. The products appear to be quite good, and it is a positive message they are trying to promote, their products also pay a high commission which is good but what I don’t like is that Shane Krider has been involved in a pyramid scheme before.

Check out this article at Courthouse News sound similar to Prosperity of Life? – a $5 million pyramid scheme scam that the owner Shane was previously involved in. Do your research, see what Google says, you can dig up a fair bit of dirt on this one.

The other part I don’t like is that you need to keep recruiting people to increase your income. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that prosperity of life is a scam, in fact, I think their products are probably quite good, and I am sure people up the line are making some good money. Still, for me, the products are costly when you compare them to other similar products, and it looks like a pyramid scheme in disguise, call it MLM or whatever you want it is a strange payment system.

For these reasons, I would not recommend joining Prosperity of life.

What I Reckon for What It’s Worth

I really reckon you should steer clear of this one. I couldn’t recommend it to my mates.

It’s overpriced, and the owner has been involved in a pyramid scam before for these reasons they get the OZAFILLIATE – BIG THUMBS DOWN.

I reckon you should look at Wealthy Affiliate if you want to make money online.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can become an affiliate marketer and learn how to create a website that sells affiliate products of your choice, whatever niche market you want. To leverage this business, you only need to attract more traffic to your site. More Traffic = More Sales, Don’t worry, they show you how to do it all at Wealthy Affiliate and they back it up with a community of experts that will help you.

The best bit about Wealthy Affiliate is you can Try Before You Buy – Sign up for Free.

That way, you can see what it is all about and make up your own mind and decide if affiliate marketing is really for you.

If you have any question about this article or want me to review, any other MMO opportunities drop me a message in the comments below OK mate.

Good On Ya Mate

OZ Dave


10 thoughts on “Prosperity of Life Scam | Review”

  1. Hmmm, so it doesn’t seem like it’s totoally bad but from what i can see from your article there are certainly better options out there for this, I think I will try this wealthy affiliate program that you promoted on here, I will be heading to that review but first off, I’d like to know if there is anything else that you would offer other than wealthy affiliate ?

    1. I have tried a lot of ways to make money online but Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the best, the best advice I can give you is try and find something that works for you. You really need to do your research when you find something that you think is a fit for you.

      I personally trade Cryptocurrency for Wealth Creation, I can spend a little bit of time and make BIG profits. The best way is to Try Before You Buy, I can offer you a FREE course, just click this link https://2dsirecrypto.com/Free-
      and see if that is for you, that is the other thing that I would personally recommend but you don’t know unless you try it.

  2. Thanks for this honest and reliable review article on Prosperity of Life. Being the first time I will be reading and knowing about Prosperity of Life, I must that it is on the side. Spending around $2,285 upwards + monthly fee and then being able to make anything only after referring first 2 sales is just so ridiculous. Have read this article, I am of the opinion that Prosperity of Life is a big scam!

    1. Hi Nelson, I would not say it is a scam even though the owner was previously involved in a scam, however it is not good value for money and the payment scheme and the way it works just doesn’t sit well with me.

      I think there are a lot better ways out there to Make Money Online and Wealthy Affiliate is one of them.

      Catch ya later Mate

      OZ Dave

  3. It is very thoughtful of you to have shared this article here, it makes it easier for us to know more and more about Prosperity of life product. There are lots of scams online that we should be careful of in order to be safe and this is one cos it has a  lot if red flag. Thanks for sharing it, very resourceful

    1. Hi

      Although it does have red flags I don’t think it is a scam, it is just very overpriced when compared to similar products. I don’t like the payment structure either it seems a bit suspect to me.

      I honestly think you would be better off starting a personal development affiliate site, have a look at this link ==>>https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co

      All the best Mate

      OZ Dave

  4. there are so many affiliate programs online,  all I needed to hear was “I really reckon you should steer clear of this one, I couldn’t recommend it to my mates.” how can you be a part of an affiliate program you can’t share with your friends.  one has to be careful where you invest your toe.. wealthy affiliate is a good place to invest on. 

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best options I reckon and the fact you can try before you buy is a great idea.

      All the best Mate

      OZ Dave

  5. Hi, Dave

    It amazes me that businesses like this still operate so frivolously when they offer no real value in return. It almost had my interest but just from reading the costs alone, I always didn’t have the stomach to keep reading. Personal development is a field that should be handled with care and it sucks that dodgy pyramid schemes like this are preying on unsuspecting victims.

    Thanks for this review.

    1. Yes there is way better value for money PD programs out there, I wouldn’t say they are praying on people they are upfront for me there are just better options out there. 

      All the best Mate!

      OZ Dave

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