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What is a Refund Consultant | Create Australia Review

Create Australia claim that Refund Consulting is the best online business. I came across the Refund Consulting industry a while ago, I can’t remember exactly how I came across them, but I was interested.

First off, though What is a Refund Consultant? = A money recovery agent. So you will be consulting with potential clients to try and recover lost monies for them. Stuff like lost super, unclaimed dividends etc… It is a multi-billion dollar industry, but why do you need someone like Create Australia, can’t you claim the money yourself?

Create Australia claim that they have the best online business. They are big claims, let’s look at Create Australia, and you can decide for your self.

Create Australia Review

Name: Create Australia

Website: https://createaustralia.com.au/

Price: $4,997 – $8,997

Owner: Myriam Borg

Overall Rank: Legit, but I’ll give this one a miss

Create Australia Founder, Shares Lesson & Tips Gained From 20 Years In Business!

Create Australia, Product Overview.

A day in a refund consultant’s life is finding lost money, making contact with clients, returning lost money, and charging your fee.

Create Australia has two main products:

  1. The Refund Consulting Program, Gold Australia Edition. $4,997
  2. The Refund Consulting Program, Platinum International Edition. $5,997

The Australian edition allows you to work with clients and claim the money in Australia only, whereas the international edition allows you to work outside Australia.

They also have a Limited Edition Ultima Premium package for $8,997 covering both Australia & International clients + a few bonuses.

So you are buying a training package that will help you start up your own refund consulting business from home. Myriam claims to have all the training, coaching, templates, contacts etc… everything you will need to become a successful refund consultant is what you are buying in the package.

The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • Multi-Million Dollar Industry
  • Flexibility – flexible work hours/places
  • Your own boss – what you put in you get out.
  • Complete training and tools provided

The Bad:

  • It’s not a closed industry, and anyone can find and claim money you don’t need a refund consultant.
  • Claim to be a training company since 1999 and they bad reviews online about training material.
  • Value for money is questionable.
  • Seems to have changed company names in the last few years, not transparent.
  • Expensive course cost

Who is Create Australia For?

They promote it to anyone who wants to start a home business, and they claim it to be the best online business. They promote it to single mothers, retirees, people sick of the rat race 9-5, and someone who wants a lifestyle. They claim you can work as little as 4 hrs a day and still be successful, but of course, the more time you put into it, the better you’re earning potential.

They promote it as the best online business, and there are many advantages of an online business, but is this really the best model? You can read about my top recommendation here ==>> My Top #1 Online Business Recommendation

Refund consulting is a multi-billion dollar industry that you can tap into, and it is a flexible business, but nothing is stopping you from doing it your self, it is not a closed industry. So you are really just buying some expertise in the industry that will help fast track your journey.

Create Australia Tools & Training

I did do quite a bit of research to find out what you get for your money, after all, I looked into this as an opportunity myself, to be honest, I could not find a lot. I believe you get all the training to set up your business and run your business from what I could find. You also get all the contact information on where to look for these lost funds and all the right information on correctly applying to have funds released.

You also get training on how to find customers, how to deal with bad customers etc… It seems like they have everything covered, and it is a complete package, but I found a few red flags when I was researching.

Create Australia – Red Flags

It did take a little bit to find some dirt on Create Australia, but I did find a few things wrong. One of the first things I noticed was many good positive testimonials, and there are heaps check them out on the website and youtube. I believe some people have had success with this business model, so what stopped me from doing it?

When I was first approached about the business, the saleswomen were very polite but were pushy, and I said I wanted some time to look into it, from that point onwards I felt pressured to take action. They tried the old, and there are only a limited number of spots left, you need to be quick BS.

I did find some stuff on the Whirlpool forum you can read about it yourself there. Still, basically, they are saying it is not a scam but is not value for money. The training materials are poorly put together. Most of the negative feedback comes from a few years ago, so hopefully, they have improved since then.

I must say that many the testimonials look fake as well, they are not natural, they may be genuine, but to me look fake. There were a few other things that didn’t gel with me either when going through all the video and promo material, I can’t remember exactly what it was now, but a few things didn’t add up, that’s the feeling I got.

My Final Opinion of Create Australia

Although there is a bit of negative feedback, I can’t say Create Australia is a scam. They are legitimate. They are selling a training package and seem to have had some success from clients.

I personally don’t think this business model would suit everyone, and you basically have to cold call potential clients, not for me. From what I have read I would be a bit suspect on the value for money that you are getting, especially when you compare it to my #1 recommendation for an Online Business because you can try Wealthy Affiliate for Free

At Create Australia, you need to spend thousands, and I could not even find any guarantee, and they were really pushing for a sale with me. I have also heard that the support is not good once you join, which contradicts the testimonials. So I can not say they are no good or a scam I would say do your own research, but I definitely think there are better options out there like Wealthy Affiliate, for example, with virtually no start-up cost make up your own mind. If you are ready to be a Wealthy Affiliate, click the banner and start your journey today.

Catch ya Later, Mate!

OZ Dave


6 thoughts on “What is a Refund Consultant | Create Australia Review”

  1. Thank you for sharing this article, it is a very insightful one and it has been In a lot of ways of help to me and I know it’ll also be to many others. Many times, people don’t get to be exposed to opportunities like this because they don’t know where to look for it, I’ll share this review around so that others can benefit from it.

  2. Ah, thank you very much for writing a review for Create Australia. I was also approached by one of their salespeople and decided to hold their offer since I do not really understand their business purpose. I’ll proceed with this offer with caution, though I’m still not sure if I really need them. By the way, do you mind sharing a few tricks to spot a ‘fake’ testimonial?

    1. It is clear what the purpose of a refund consultant does, and it is just that you do not really need one, you can get your own money back.  1st they find lost fund, then who owns it, contacts them and says hey you have 20K in lost super here I will get it for you for a fee. Some people are happy to pay that fee.

      As for spotting fake testimonial, I look for authenticity. You can usually tell if they are genuine or not or if they are scripted etc…  To me, it just looks like they have been made to give a testimonial.

      All the best Mate!

      OZ Dave

  3. I have to admit that this is the first time I have come across the term refund consultant, that there is such a role available. And it is surprising to me that there can be so much money that is unclaimed and we need people to work on it to find and return the money to the rightful owner. It does sound noble, despite the earlier negative reviews of a refund consultant that you mentioned. But I am wondering, could it be because the rightful owner may have passed on without a will being drafted? It is probably worthwhile that the Refund Consultant may also sign up for some affiliate program to sell financial products relating to proper financial planning. Just my wild thought while reading this review. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Hey Richard, apparently it is about a 100 Billion dollar industry worldwide and growing, you don’t realise how much lost money is out there.

      You can find it yourself and try and claim it yourself as well. Create Australia has just built some training around this niche and help people start a business.

      People who have lost money probably could do with some financial help so you might be onto something there any way I think there are better options.

      Good on ya, Mate!

      OZ Dave

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