What is an Affiliate Marketing Program

What is an Affiliate Marketing Program

What is an affiliate marketing program you ask? It is basically a clever way for a business to gain more sales from someone affiliated with it. This is where term affiliate marketing comes from? It is a win for the business because they have generated an extra sale from the affiliate. It is a win for the affiliate because they have made some commission from the sale they generated for the business.

So the business pays a commission to an affiliate to generate more sales for them. Let’s break it down a bit and talk about some aspects that make for a good affiliate marketing program.

Why Use Affiliate Marketing?

Why would a business use an affiliate marketing program? Why would they use an affiliate for marketing their products?

Simply because more sales = more profits. To sell anything you have to have a market if you haven’t got a market or customers you haven’t got anyone to sell to. A business typically spends quite a bit of time and money to gain customers and create sales. Even well-known brands like Coke-a-Cola still spend heaps of money to make sales.

Affiliate marketing is a way a business can generate extra sales with minimal effort on their part. Sure they make a little less on the sale because they have to pay the affiliate, but they have not had to do anything to get that sale, the affiliate is responsible for getting the customer to buy from the business.

Through a good affiliate marketing program, a business will increase sales with minimal effort. Initially, they will have to set up the program, and once the sale is made, they pay the commission to their affiliate, but the affiliate is responsible for finding the customer and making the sale.

So What is the Affiliates Job?

Simple, find the customer and make the sale.

A good affiliate marketing program will pay a high commission and provide some marketing material for the affiliate to advertise. Most affiliate marketing is done online so it is common to use banners with an affiliate link embedded so the customer can be tracked to ensure the affiliate receives their commission on the sale. A poor affiliate program will only provide you with an affiliate link and no other marketing material. It is then up to you to market the businesses’ product yourself. It is really in the businesses’ best interest to provide you with some marketing material because ultimately, it will help make sales.

If they only provide you with a link, you will need to promote that link, that could be in an email on a website or social media like FaceBook. You have probably clicked on an affiliate link without knowing it because you can hide it easily, I will give you an example below.

Your Links Explained.

This is my Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate) link ==>> https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=ffe43ad8 <<== Not very attractive is it, so what you do is mask that link to make it look more attractive.

This is the same link ==>> Join Wealthy Affiliate <<== Which one do you think someone is more likely to click on

Below I will give you an example of a marketing banner from Wealthy Affiliate – Note it does not cost the buyer any extra to purchase a product through an affiliate. If you have purchased anything online, you may have even bought it through an affiliate without even knowing because it was masked like above or embedded into a banner like the one below.

The banner below takes you to the same place as the 2 clickable links above, so you can see why it works better when the business provides you with some marketing material.

Notice how when you move your mouse over the image above it becomes a clickable link, well if you click, it will take you to the Wealthy Affiliate site the same one as the links above where you can sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The banner has my affiliate link embedded in it, and it looks like this ==>> https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=ffe43ad8

See the ==>> ?a_aid=ffe43ad8

That part is my affiliate ID that is added to the websites normal URL which is ==>> https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Both links will take you to the same page however if someone uses the link with my affiliate ID and joins Wealthy Affiliate they will know that that lead came from me and I will receive the commission on that sale.

What Makes a Good Affiliate Marketing Program

OK, so we have established that a good affiliate program will provide you with some marketing material. The more, the better, options for different markets are good right, but what else is important?

From an affiliates point of view, good commissions are important. Commissions can vary a lot, depending on the product. A physical product will typically not pay as much commission as a digital product. Commissions can vary greatly anywhere from a 2% right up to around 85%. A smart affiliate marketer will find a high ticket item with good commission. Would you rather sell a book for $10 and make 5% commission on the sale or sell a course online for $3499 and make 10% commission? Something to think about.

Tracking cookies are important also for an affiliate program, don’t worry if you don’t know what they are or how they work. I will try to explain why they are important. Typically, an affiliate program will track cookies for 30 days – what does this mean? It means that if someone uses your affiliate link, they need to purchase the product within 30 days of when they first clicked the link. If they clicked your affiliate link looking to buy but for some reason did not make a purchase and went back after the 30 days and made the purchase you would not receive the affiliate commission for the sale. A good affiliate program will track cookies for life with no expiry, and some program may be less than 30 days, it pays to ask.

How to Find Affiliate Marketing Programs

Now you know “What is an Affiliate Marketing Program” how do you find them?

Affiliate programs are everywhere these days and are easy to find. Places like Clickbank or Amazon have affiliate programs where you can sell just about anything and make affiliate sales. Just do a google search for a “product + affiliate program” you will be surprised once you start looking. The trick is to find a product that you believe in that is high ticketed and pays a good commission.

What Do I Reckon

I Fair Dinkum think affiliate marketing is great, after all that is what this site is all about but if you really want to have a crack at it I would highly recommend you click my ==>>Wealthy Affiliate Link<<== and get some help with it. Don’t worry. You can try it for ==>> FREE and see if it really is for you before spending a cent. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with all the training and tools you will ever need to be successful at affiliate marketing.

So what are you waiting for………………..

Give it a go, Mate!

OZ Dave

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  1. Hello there, OZ Dave. This is a brilliant article you have here. I am a beginner affiliate marketer, and reading this article has given me a broader and distinct understanding on what affiliate marketing is. This as further added to my knowledge about affiliate marketing, and I am sure with this knowledge, I will be able to achieve a lot even as a beginner.

    1. Hi Nelson, Glad I could help a mate out and that you liked my article, if you need any help along your affiliate journey just ask mate.

      Catch ya later

      OZ Dave

  2. Hi OZ Dave 

    Your post just showed me that even if you think you know something you can always learn something new. This is a very nice introduction to affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing programs. You clearly pointed out what to look for in an affiliate marketing program which is something that should be considered before jumping in. I wonder do you lose your cookies if you reset your web browser and clear cookies and caches?

    All the best and good luck Mate

    Louis Munro

    1. Hi Louis, good to see you got something from my rant about affiliate marketing and yes mate if someone clears their cache cookies will be lost and tracking with it.

      All the best Mate

      OZ Dave

  3. This is a great easy breakdown of affiliate marketing. I love affiliate marketing and the idea of being your own boss and living life on your own terms with your own business income.

    Affiliate Marketing is one of the best business models out there and I believe it will only continue to evolve and flourish for the better. Affiliate Marketing has opened my eyes to what’s available and the possibilities are up to me to control my income and inspire others to do the same. Thanks for the great article and good luck.

    1. Good luck to you too mate, I reckon affiliate marketing is awesome it really does give you a lot of freedom and with the help of WA you just need to put in the effort and you really can become your own boss

      What niche have you chosen Gregg?

      Good on ya Mate

      OZ Dave 

  4. Another resourceful article for affeliate marketing. you pointed out a few successful affiliate programs here then the readers can get a tactful decision in starting an affiliate marketing. Also, I was able to enhance my knowledge about affeliate marketing business model. So I recommend this article for affeliate beginners.

    thanks for sharing valuable thoughts about the most effective business model in the modern world.

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading the post, and yes I reckon affiliate marketing is a great business model also.

      All the best mate, happy to share.

      OZ Dave

  5. Great explanation about how an affilliate market works. Says is a “win-win” situation. But before reach that goal, we have to prepare before start.  An excellent graph showing how the affilliate marketing flows. And those who want to participate have to become members of the site to learn the basics of affilliate marketing and how to put on work to get earnings and commissions.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the article, yes most people think it is a get rich quick program and don’t understand that you need to put in the work.

      Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative but requires you to put in the effort, Wealthy Affiliate can give you the knowledge, you need to put in the effort.

      OZ Dave

  6. Hey Fair Dinkum; this is a post that has timely smart information for the beginner who is hungry for affiliate marketing advice. One would say ‘look no further’ The explanation about the embedded link in the banner ads is on demand. 

    Not many Affiliate Marketers know how to affix a link into the banner ads. Yet it makes the work looks cleaner and more attractive.


    1. Fair Dinkum you liked the post that’s great, I agree it’s the little things like making your links look pretty that make a lot of difference. 

      Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to be a successful affiliate marketer you just have to put in the effort to make it work.

      All the best Mate!

      OZ Dave

  7. Thank you for sharing your review about affiliate program. I absolutely agree about the facts that we have to find a good affiliate program which provides good tools along with the links to better convert. This is  a great point in my own point of view as well because unless you don’t have captivating images and informative videos, it is hard to get your viewers attention. You have pointed out some great points. 

    All the best!

    1. Good to see you got something out of the post thanks for reading. Wealthy Affiliate is the best program for everything as far as I am concerned, they give you all the knowledge you just need to action it, simple really.

      Good on ya Mate!

      OZ Dave

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