What's keyword research about

What’s Keyword Research About

What’s Keyword Research About you ask, good question.


A keyword is simply a word or phrase that people search for in the search engines. A keyword probably bought you here today, to this website, you type Keywords into Google when you search for something so what’s keyword research about?

You would be researching keywords to gather data for SEO. If you are an affiliate marketer and have a blog or regularly write reviews, you want to get your articles seen. It would help if you got your pages ranked on the 1st page, ideally the 1st position. You can achieve this by using keyword strategies, but to get on the first page of a google search, you will need to do your Keyword research.

Understanding Keywords is the Start of Your Content. This is the act of finding keyword phrases relevant to your niche and deciding whether it is appropriate to build content around that particular keyword.
Good keyword research = SEO success.

How I Research for Keywords?

Did you realise that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing control over 97% of search results, so getting good search results with your keywords matter?

If you want that competitive edge, you need a keyword research tool, the one I use is Jaxxy, and you can try it for free today, with Jaxxy you can do your research on keywords/domains/websites/ranking etc… and get all the vital details you need to help you get your content ranked well.

Try it out below for free you can search 30 Free Keywords with the Starter Option below.


I will give you an example of how I use Jaxxy and start looking for a good keyword when writing an article. I use a particular strategy when I target keywords, Jaxxy lets me research a keyword and gather the data for that keyword. If the data meets my criteria, I will write an article around that keyword. If you want to read about the keyword strategy I use click here ===>> 
Understanding the Low Hanging Fruit

My Strategy

I target the low hanging fruit keywords, which is essentially a low competition keyword. The idea behind this approach is to get rankings, in volume, and to do that easier than going after the more competitive keyword terms. 

You want to stick to the lower competition keywords in the first 3-6 months of establishing your website. This will help you obtain authority in search engines like Google. You can consider targeting more competitive search terms once you have gained that authority.

Let me show you what I mean. First, we want to come up with some keywords related around our niche, for this example let’s say my niche market was mini bull terriers and I wanted to write a post with a low competition keyword to get it ranked on page 1 in google.

Research Starts

My 1st task is to come up with a list of low QSR keywords, ideally under a score of 100. QSR = Quoted Search Results. The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword. The less competition for a keyword, the better chance you will get ranked on the 1st page. When you search Jaaxy, there is a column with the QSR score. I will show you let’s do a broad search for a bull terrier and see what we get.

You will get fewer traffic volumes targeting the low hanging fruit, but it will be easier to rank on page 1 because you will have less competition. The idea is to have each post rank for a certain keyword – 100 posts with 50 monthly visitors = 5000 visitors, you can see how this starts to add up.

The keyword you choose will need to make sense so you can use it easily in your post, you want to use your keywords in your title, the first paragraph, somewhere in the middle and in the closing of the post. This is very easy to do if the keywords make sense.

Which Keywords Should I Use?

I have found a couple of good low hanging fruit keywords here but which one would be best to use? I will go over a few other things to consider because you wonder what’s keyword research about right. Well, it’s about gathering enough information to give yourself a good edge over your competition, so ultimately you can rank better.

Let’s talk about the traffic, see in the example above you have the traffic score.

  • miniature bull terrier puppies     748    128
  • mini bull terrier puppies             139     24

Traffic = The number of visits you can expect per month to your website if your website is ranked on page 1.

So in the example above the QSR is 76 – 40 which means you have nearly twice (1.9) as much competition in the first example, but Traffic score is 128 – 24 so even though you have 1.9 times the competition you can get 5.3 times the traffic. It really is up to you which one to choose, but you can see how you need to have a good look at the research results.

What I would personally do in the case above is use both keywords, now there is no need to overdo it though, I will show you what I mean. My main keyword would be Miniature Bull Terrier Puppies to use that in the title and only a couple of other times in the article. Without keyword stuffing, I would then use the keywords mini bull terrier puppies a couple more times throughout the article to suit to use it appropriately. You could then potentially rank for both keywords, and if you were on page 1, you could expect 128+24= 152 monthly visitors.

KQI – SEO What’s That Mean?

KQI & SEO are other important factors to consider in your keyword research.

KQI = Keyword Quality Indicator Green is great, and Yellow is OK, Red is poor

SEO = Score based on Traffic and Competition the higher the score, the more likely you will rank on the first page for that keyword Scale 1-100   the higher, the better

What Else?

There really is a lot more to go over when it comes to keywords. This is just the tip of the iceberg and one particular keyword strategy. Still, your research will basically be the same for any strategy, gather the data and Jaxxy is the tool for this.

I also like to check out the competition, so once you have found your keyword put it into google and see what sites you find on the first-page search results, that is your competition. Now if all your competition has 3000 – 4000 word in-depth posts and you think you can rank better than them with a quick 800-word overview, you wrote good luck. You need to add more value than your competition, so go and spy on them and put your effort into writing a better article, add more value, give our potential customers a better experience.

Wealthy Affiliate & Jaxxy

By now, you should see the value & potential in a tool like the Jaxxy Keyword Research Tool.

If you want to see what it’s all about try it out below, you can get a FREE 30 Word Search.

Glad you asked What’s Keyword Research About but What’s Wealthy Affiliate got to do with it? If you are into affiliate marketing, you can get a FREE Starter Account at Wealthy Affiliate and get the Free 30 Keywords to search from Jaxxy as a bonus. I am part of Wealthy Affiliate, and I get a Jaxxy Lite version of the program included in my premium WA membership, I have unlimited searches.

If you are serious about keyword research, affiliate marketing or making money online do yourself a favour and check out Wealthy Affiliate, join for free, and you will get Jaxxy as a bonus, there is also a great community of experts at WA where you can ask any questions and get the answer.

What are you waiting for? 


Well, I hope I have answered your question What’s Keyword Research About if I haven’t let me know below and try my best to give you the answers. Like I said earlier this is only a little piece of the Low Hanging Fruit Strategy that I use if you want to know more check out all the training at Wealthy Affiliate they have heaps, start with your free account above.

Good on ya, Mate!

OZ Dave

14 thoughts on “What’s Keyword Research About”

  1. The catchphrase you pick should bode well too so you can utilize it effectively in your post, you need to utilize your watchwords in your title, the primary section, some place in the center and in the end of the post. This is extremely simple to do if the catchphrases bode well.

    1. Yes, your keywords must make sense, otherwise, you are asking what colour does the number 7 smell like, see it makes no sense. A good keyword will be easy to use correct,

      Keep up the good work mate!

      OZ Dave

  2. Hi OxAffiliate,

    This is a good article on keyword research. I was trying to figure out how QSR really works. And your blog explained that pretty well. 

    I wonder if Jaaxy is a good tool for keyword research, or should we invest in SEMrush or some other tool. Seeing the prime importance of keyword research, we should have the best tool for starting off great, isn’t it?



    1. Jaaxy is fine and you can always upgrade to PRO if you want to, we each have our own preferences but I find Jaaxy will do everything I need + some more.

      OZ Dave

  3. Personally, I would target keywords that are at least 4 words long; the more the better. This technique not only helps with better rankings but also guide me to research specific points for an article. The content thus becomes more vivid and interesting to my readers (I hope) versus some random thoughts in my mind. It takes some practice during the early phase, but keyword research is actually very dynamic if you think from the readers’ perspectives.

  4. Thank you for presenting What Keyword Research is so well and highlighting the importance of using keywords throughout the article. From now on, I will pay more attention to the repeated citation of the chosen phrase and include it meaningfully in the text, it seems to me that I may not have been the most effective at this.
    I also use Jaaxy to research keywords and I am very happy with that. It often happens to me that I have too much competition with the selected keyword, and then with the help of Jaaxy I research further to get the desired result in terms of statistics.
    Friendly greeting,

  5. Thank you so much for sharing about the importance about the keywords and also your review on Jaxxy. The right keywords will definitely help us rank on the top of the google search and that will sure bring us the organic traffic which is all the affiliate marketers ultimate goals. I am going to check out on both Jaxxy and Wealthy Affiliate. 

  6. Hello Dave

    Thanks so much for sharing this, it`s funny to think that I really did not know(did not exactly think about it) what a keyword was until I started blogging. I have been online for over twenty years, shopping, booking trips, looking for info, and all that but it never really occurred to me that the words I was putting in google search were keywords, until I started blogging.

    Like you I have used and love Jaaxy Keyword tool, they make finding what to write about that much easier(by checking what people are looking for)

    Jaaxy is great and I`d not be able to blog about this keyword tool, but, I tried Ahrefs and it was like a breath of fresh air, the data you can grab from there is priceless. Having said that, I could not justify their price tag, $100 a month for a keyword tool is just way too high but it`s a tool I`d love to use again.

    Jaaxy is great, the price-tag a steal really.

    Thanks so much for sharing, really appreciate your sharing this, anyone looking for a keyword tool (without even knowing it) will be glad to take full advantage of jaaxy and what they offer.

  7. Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this article what keyboard research is all about sounds really interesting . I enjoyed reading every bit of this article. It was indeed informative and educative to me. The review was indeed helpful and awesome 

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